Simple tips to get a flat belly in 14 days

Simple tips to get a flat belly in 14 days
Are you following a diet after the other and you don’t find the desired results? Tired of starving yourself every time and very little to lose? Do you want to flat your belly, but did not respond?

flat belly

flat belly

flat belly

There are some simple changes in your diet and your life will make you burn fat faster. What if you can lose more weight  in 14 days without feeling hungry?

1. Exercise walking before breakfast:

Start your morning every day by quick walking, and you will feel the difference on the case. it’s  usually very healthy as exposing your body to the sun on the morning reduces the likelihood of weight gain, regardless of the degree of exercise, the amount of calories you’re taking, or age. In addition to burning calories before you eat the food, it means that you’re workout on an empty stomach, so the energy you eat are derived immediately from your stock of fat. This habit also helps to improve your heart.

2. Start your day with oatmeal:

Oatmeal is a recipe with a natural sweetness and one of the keys to this diet, especially for women addicted to sugar, helps reduce cholesterol and decrease the proportion of blood glucose. cook some oatmeal and add fruit to it.

flat belly

3. Eat Red fruit instead of green:

Eat watermelon instead of cantaloupe melon , red grapes instead of green grapes, red apples  instead of green .. etc., these fruits contain high levels of nutrients called philawoonoad- especially anthocyanin, which gives it the red color, and that reduce the fat storage impressively and genetically .

4. Make a mixture of vegetarian protein :

If you are you like liquids, especially cold and drinks , mix protein plants in a blender for your  delicacy juice. As drinks which rich in protein is considered a great way to get a high dose of nutrition in a simple snack, help to burn abdominal fat, but better to make this homemade drink to avoid chemicals .

5. Eat eggs:

It is rich in protein and fat-free food , is magical, during your loss of weight , you should care about building muscle as well, in addition to the diversity of nutrition that gives  you eggs, it is the most important source for Colin that responsible for the storage of fat around the liver gene mechanism. Try eggs with sweet potatoes.

flat belly