queen dreams meaning

To dream of the queen means you have teaching / spiritual leadership abilities.

We associate queens with the phrase “she deserves the very best” and so a queen dream could occur when you felt “My mother deserves the best” (e.g. she deserves to be treated like a queen

If you are a maid in waiting to a queen and you feel happy about your lot, as well as good thoughts about the queen this is a good omen for your life that you are on the right path, secure in your choices, and prepared. This is a good sign for work as well as relationships and getting what you want.

Receiving the favors of a queen indicates positive recognition in your life – usually from work and will result in more responsibility at work or a promotion of some kind

If you dream that you are a princess who is to become a queen in a dream then this can be a pleasant dream but it holds warnings for you to be sure that you are ready to take the next step in a relationship.

It can indicate risky behavior in a relationship (such as getting pregnant by being not careful enough) and that you want to be sure that you are making the right decisions for you.

Feeling as you are oppressed as a queen or judged often will be a statement about your own relationship. For a woman this can be a sign that you are having problems in your marriage or relationship that you simply do not have the answers for.

You may find that you are stuck doing a job that you cannot manage or that your responsibilities are too much for you. This can be a sign that you need to delegate in your own life or not prepared for changes that are happening.

This can indicate that you are in control over your own life if you are a confident and happy queen in your dream. However, being royalty is not always a positive thing in a dream time.