A great collection of the latest High hair colors for 2019

A great collection of the latest High hair colors for 2019

Fashion hair colors come to this year with unusually colors , where predominantly by the ” Peacock” distinctive color, these hair colors came as pink, blue, gray, green, which depends on the courage to choose non-traditional colors at all. Why don’t you try one of them. “What woman needs” will give a brief idea about the new and latest colors this season;

latest High hair colors

latest High hair colors

latest High hair colors 

There is a variety of  models that represent the colors of hair fashion in 2016 are as follows:

1- Grey hair: a hair which is dyed of gray is a courage step by the Hollywood stars who turned out for this color because it gives older age look.

2- Platinum blond: a hair that tends to golden blond color featured by a number of Hollywood starlets, led by star “Jennifer Lawrence”.

3- Opal hair: a hair that blends in more than color, such as blue, green and pink with its degree , and it’s the look of the American singer «Keisha» and actress Jennifer Goodwin.

4 – Brond: a mix of blond color , at the forefront of hair tends to overwhelm darker degrees and the tufts of yellow on the parties and the middle , number of stars prefer it as “Kerry Russell”.

latest High hair colors

 5- Rainbow hair: a hair, which is characterized by mixing degrees of chromatin sparking such as blue and green, but with explicit degrees, or multiple degrees of single color such as «pink , violet» and chosen by a number of Superstars such as Reba Kerry.

6 – Baby light: It is the most pretty hair colors  in 2016 as it is characterized by light hair colors such as blond or light brown with a lighter or tufts degree tend to give Golden lighting pretty hair,  star ” Allison Williams ” like it.

7 – Dip day: It is a dyed blond hair with a blue degrees or pink  or green in all parties , casual American fashion ” Gigi Haddad” like it.

8 – pledge highlight: it is the hair that has a large number of wisps bears the same color or close colors and it was preferred by the  fashion model Chrissy Teigen.

latest High hair colors