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The perfect way to Apply Ice Diet


Apply Ice Diet “What woman needs” will let you learn the best way to follow the ice diet, especially as this diet helps to slim and get the graceful and wonderful fitness. In this context, you will learn with us today the best way to help you apply ice diet easily and mastery. Also see: Ice cream diet plan for losing ...

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3 Ways Overcome your own laziness and inactivity


Overcome your own laziness and inactivity Laziness and inactivity affect a lot of people of different ages, for several and different reasons, but the result is one desire to sleep and not to do any physical activity, loss of ability to do any work. Inactivity may be the result of certain diseases such as anemia, thyroid dysfunction, poor nutrition, lack ...

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Best Kids Bathroom Decor Ideas 2017


Kids Bathroom Decor Ideas 2017 We , for sure, take care of our kids and every little details relate to them in order to insure the best health for them, one of the important issues to take care with is their own bathroom decor, So, “What woman needs” brings you the top and best kids bathroom decor ideas to give ...

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DIY Natural Baking soda Shampoo recipe


Baking soda Shampoo recipe If you want to prepare a useful and nutritious type of shampoo for your hair gives you a soft, dandruff-free and fat-free head, “What woman needs” today will give you the best natural shampoo for hair you can prepare at home easily and quickly without any trouble. Also see: 5 Natural alternatives to shampoo How do you ...

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Easy Ways Keep your makeup germ-free


Keep your makeup germ-free Many women believe that their own cosmetics are always safe to use, and are not susceptible to germs. But you will be surprised that it may lead to a skin infection or skin rash. So, “What woman needs” offers you tips to keep your cosmetics free from germs. First, Do not let your friends use your ...

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3 Effective compounds burn belly fats


Effective compounds burn belly fats The belly fat is a common problem by most people, as fat accumulate in this region, and often can not be solved by the diet. However, some compounds have an effect in combating the mentioned problem, according to nutrition specialists, namely: Also see: 6 Healthy foods help weight loss effectively 1. Polyphenols: It’s antioxidants and available in ...

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WHEN YOU SHOULDN’T WEAR MAKEUP? There are some certain times when makeup is never preferred, because it may affect the skin, lead to the appearance of pimples, and the spread of acne on your skin, you should always consider choosing the right time to wear makeup. Here are the times when you should avoid wearing makeup: – Avoid wearing makeup ...

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Morning and Night skin care routine steps

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Morning and Night skin care routine steps You may have no experience in skin care routine, You may apply morning or evening creams randomly without following the right steps, which affects on your skin and prevents you from getting the perfect care you need. Beauty and Skin Care have Some basics and rules beauty experts apply, which will be summarized ...

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Top Superfood Make your life longer


Top Superfood Make your life longer Undoubtedly, healthy nutrition is the key to longevity health and happiness. Note that some food varieties have great effectiveness in preserving young and protecting the body from diseases, especially deadly diseases of aging. “What woman needs” provides you the Top healthy foods make you life longer: Also see: Top food combat depression effectively Broccoli: Based on ...

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All you need to know About Hair Protein


Hair Protein As we need to add protein into our daily diet, to feel healthy and strong, so we need protein in our hair daily routine. But what is protein, what does it do and how does it benefit our hair? What are the risks of hair protein? The hair consists mainly of protein filaments, called keratin, and chains of ...

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