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The Best Natural alternatives to Botox


Natural alternatives to Botox Skin care and face are the best things that women try to experience in their daily lives and today through this article, we will give you the best alternatives to Botox you can try it easily and benefit from the result naturally. Enough Sleeping One of the best alternatives to Botox is the good and enough ...

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3 Natural homemade hair Serum for best hair care


Natural homemade hair Serum “What woman needs” site provides you the best ways to get a natural hair serum helps you to address the various beauty problems that affect hair and cause damage at various levels. In this context, you can also look at these lines on the methods used to prepare a natural hair serum.   Serum protects against ...

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How to Control the risk of Pregnancy diabetes?


Control the risk of Pregnancy diabetes Women with gestational diabetes are pregnant women who have not had diabetes before, but their blood sugar is high during pregnancy. It does not often cause symptoms. High blood sugar levels in women with gestational diabetes are caused by the placenta’s hormones during pregnancy. There are Some factors that can raise the risk of ...

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Natural recipes of lemon for strong and healthy hair!


lemon for strong and healthy hair Lemon belongs to the acid species of plant, this fruit comes in yellow or green color, lemon is characterized by sour acid taste and is rich in many vitamins useful to the body, such as vitamin C and vitamin B in addition to mineral salts, and other nutrients. Lemon is a basic ingredient in ...

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Tips on Treating dry skin on spring


Treating dry skin on spring It is useful to always look for skin care tips during the spring as at all times of the year and today to help you we will give you through this article top skin care tips that benefit you throughout the year.   – It is useful to peel the skin to remove the dead ...

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These Foods increase libido in women!


Foods increase libido in women During periods of hormonal fluctuation that include postpartum, premenopausal, and menopause, most women start feeling decreased sex drive, insomnia, digestive disorders, mood swings, hot flashes, fatigue, and weight gain. These symptoms make women feel bad and this leads to decreased desire for sex. Therefore, when most women feel psychological and physical improvement is the most ...

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Lose more weight by using celery


Lose more weight by using celery Celery is one of the vegetables that are eaten row or cooked. In addition to its wonderful taste and smart smell, it has recently become one of the most important ingredients for many meals and dishes. But many do not know that celery has many benefits in getting rid of the fat that is ...

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Stylish Shirt dress trend Summer / spring 2017

Shirt dress trend Summer / spring 2017 As the spring coming soon, all women are looking for the right dress for her body that she can wear anywhere and provide her with the required comfort that she need. The popular trend of this season is the shirt dress fashion trend , worn by all the world stars, because it is ...

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Make your hair color stay longer

Make your hair color stay longer Do you dream of a fixed color that stay longer after dying? Are you frustrated of repeating this process, after every time you dye your hair? You must first know that this is due to the wrong way you deal with your dyed hair. The wrong habits you follow are the cause of this, ...

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One simple Homemade recipe for strong nails


Homemade recipe for strong nails If you are having difficulty of growing nails probably, you can quickly solve this problem and with the ingredients available in your kitchen. Here’s a quick and easy recipes to grow nails quickly: Ingredients: 1 lemon acid 3 cloves of garlic A teaspoon of olive oil How to prepare and apply – Squeeze lemon juice , ...

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