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Eye catching Floral jewelry collections spring 2017


Floral jewelry collections spring 2017 It is known that in the spring is the season where flowers bloom and fill the whole world with its attractive colors and fragrant smell. Of course, There is nothing more beautiful than Coordination luxury jewelry design with flowers with different appearances. As jewelry bestow elegance, sophisticated and luxurious appearances. Also see: Latest global and stylish trends of ...

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Red Clothes & Accessories on Valentine’s Day


Red Clothes & Accessories on Valentine’s Day The Valentine’s Day is about to come. Why don’t you prepare for that day to enjoy a good moments with people you love, You actually know that the red color Is the official color for Valentine’s Day with its different grades to get the attractive appearances, to be the star on this day. «What ...

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Charming Valentine’s day outdoor decorations 2017


Valentine’s day outdoor decorations Valentine’s day is the day that we wait from year to year to express love and caring for the person or persons around us, We want to tell that we are a live and have a pumping heart of love in every minute, So, expressing joy with the Valentine’s day is not only come through wearing ...

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What is the difference between the BB, PP Cream?


difference between the BB, PP Cream BB creams are very famous among women, especially those who care about the health of the skin. These cream are more important than you can imagine, they are designed to restore damaged skin by some beauty care treatments. In recent years, other similar creams appeared like DD, PP. Also see: Top 5 Vitamin E-based face ...

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DIY Natural lips filler without injections


Natural lips filler Nowadays, most women are looking for many ways to filler their lips, you , for sure, heard about the popular injection that are used for filling your lips as well as giving the lips the rosy color. But, Do you know that are simple natural ways that will do the job without resorting to Botox or filler ...

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Lovely Wavy hairstyles for wedding 2017


Wavy hairstyles for wedding 2017  This season, you can leave you hair on its nature as it’s this new season trendies relating to hairstyles. You have to accept it, You must love your hair on its drop-down nature and love its chaotic tufts. Also see: Beautiful wedding Hairstyles with floral crowns This is your wedding day, and you want to appear ...

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Healthy foods warm you up in winter


Healthy foods warm you up Winter days are characterized by temperatures decrease, so people begin to look for ways to get the needed warmth of various sources, they may stay front of heaters. You can get warm in winter easily by eating foods that give the body energy and warmth away from overweight, and these foods include: Also see: The best ...

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Banana peel treat cracked feet greatly


Banana peel treat cracked feet Many women are suffering from dry skin, which it gradually lead to the emergence of cracks at bottom of the feet, and in addition to that, these cracks cause usually disturbing pain, do not worry, if you suffer from this problem, then you can try this recipe of banana peel to wear your favorite high ...

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4 Essential elements for healthy hair growth


4 Essential elements for healthy hair growth If you have long hair and want to take care of it as well as giving it the essential elements that it need, you should review your diet and care to address basic elements stimulating hair growing as follows: Also see: Top healthy food for thick & strong hair  Biotin Biotin is the most ...

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Simple & Natural collagen recipe for healthy skin


Natural collagen recipe for healthy skin Collagen contains on protein charge on lifting wrinkles, and combating the effects of aging to bring to your skin freshness and vitality, It is one of the most common types of protein in the human body, it accounts for about 30 percent of the body content of proteins, collagen has numerous benefits on the ...

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