Bus dreams meaning

Dreams including a bus are often about your life journey especially if it is a school bus.

Cities, therefore, signify your financial interests and your ambitions for your future. A bus is a form of public transportation in which many people are driven to their destination collectively. Dreams in which you are taking a bus to the city, therefore, signify that you lack autonomy in your finances. Because both cities and busses are places where large numbers of people who have no real connection congregate, then dreams of riding a bus into the city signify that you need to develop closer connections with other people.

The bus number is significant in commenting on how you are currently doing on your journey. For example, a number 17 is about your individual spiritual path, whereas a 47 indicates that you are limiting your spiritual journey.

Positive changes are afoot if…

  • Given something of value.
  • Stand out from the crowd.
  • Drive the bus.
  • Ride a luxury or chartered bus.

Getting the wrong bus means you are being asked to change your direction in life. Again the bus number or the bus’s destination will indicate the specific change to be made.

Detailed dream meaning…

A dream in which you are a passenger on a bus to the city signifies that you feel as though you’re not in the driver’s seat when it comes to your career and finances. You may been trapped in an unrewarding job or feel as though your contributions at work are unappreciated, as though you are just one of the crowd. Most people ride the bus due to necessity rather than enjoyment, so you may feel as though your choices are limited by your financial circumstances and you simply have to suffer through your current condition to get to better financial opportunities. The destination of the bus within the city (church, school, work) may indicate an area of your life in which you need to have greater independence and express greater individuality in your relationships with people in that area.

If the bus does not go where it should or takes an unexpected route you are again being asked to take stock of where you are going in life. Is where you are going in line with what your dreams are asking you to do?

Getting off a bus can indicate birth through symbolically showing you enter into the world. The rest of the dream will comment on the circumstances of your birth and how it affects you today.

Dreams in which you have gotten on the wrong bus or are waiting for a bus that never arrives are indications that your life is stalled or you have made a choice which is taking you in the wrong direction. You may have succumbed to peer pressure or influence from outside sources which have caused you to feel alienated and alone. Contrarily, it may mean that there is an unpleasant financial reality that you need to deal with, and you are delaying the inevitable.  Dreaming of missing the bus to the city means that you had an opportunity to get your life moving, but a lack of action on your part has left you having to improvise other options.

bus stop is where a journey starts and ends and as such can indicate the beginning or end of your life journey or a stage of your life journey. This is not usually a health warning.

Being upstairs on a double decked bus indicates that you tend to rationalize decisions rather than follow your heart. Literally you live in your head, upstairs in your body. The dream is encouraging you to listen to your feelings.

Dreaming of sitting next to someone who is dangerous or annoying suggests that your passivity at work may have dangerous consequences for you. You may need to find a way to change positions or find new financial prospects. Dreaming of being a passenger on a dirty bus implies that you feel as though what you are doing for a living is demeaning or degrading and you have no control over your destiny. Likewise, a dream in which you have sex on a bus may indicate that you are violating your most intimate sense of yourself on your way to financial prosperity. Alternatively, it can mean that you use your sexuality to stand out from the crowd and in your pursuit of financial gain. You revel in attracting attention to yourself, but may be unconventional or inappropriate in how you choose to go about this.

Waves washing over the top of a bus indicate you rationalize, due to some previous emotional turmoil. The mistaken concept is that closing your heart and retreating into your head will protect you from similar pain in the future.

If you dream that you are driving the bus into the city, then it signifies that you feel in control of achieving your dreams even though the pathway to financial independence may involve many other people. To dream of riding on a charter bus to the city means that you have chosen to associate with people who are temporarily useful in helping you to get where you want to go. Dreaming of riding on a luxury bus signifies that you have connections which will make achieving your goals a more comfortable experience.