cakes dreams meaning

If cakes are present in your dreams, it is usually a positive sign about the people in your life and the values you hold dearest. While the cakes in your dreams can sometimes be a sign of overindulgence, they are generally positive and well-meaning.

Most dreams will translate into thoughts which you are all too familiar with. For instance, a “cake” dream could link to the words “pleasing” (which is one of the key words and phrases below) and the dream capture a thought like “I like to please her – there is nothing like a friendly smile to cheer someone up” That phrase is one of many common translations of this type of dream. Look at the list below for clues on what this dream could mean.

If you have a negative experience that involves eating a cake, it may be an indulgence of a different kind. You may have a lot of people in your life who love you, but some of those people are not who they say you are. You are feeling taken advantage of, and your dream is trying to communicate this to you.

Detailed dream interpretation: Cakes appearing in dreams are often positive signs. Because cakes are so often made for other people (rather than for yourself), cakes are a sign of the love and compassion you have for other people. If a cake is casually a part of your dream, and especially if that dream includes another person, you might be thinking of those special people in your life who mean the most to you.

You may dream about a cake that was made for a special occasion. The most common examples of this are birthday cakes and wedding cakes. Both are positive symbols that symbolize a celebration of some sort. Birthday cakes represent aging, but a birthday cake in your dream represents the love and care that the people in your life will have for you throughout the years. Dreams of wedding cakes are usually good luck, especially when served to a woman. Wedding cakes in your dream symbolize good luck and new beginnings.

If you were craving cake in your dream but never received it, then you are longing for more love in your life, or for the love of a specific person. You feel tremendous amounts of love and support for the people in your life, but you sometimes do not feel like the love is returned.