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Can Relaxing on hot bath lose more weight?

Relaxing on hot bath lose more weight
Relaxing on hot bath lose more weight

Relaxing on hot bath lose more weight

Dr. Steve Faulkner, at Loughborough University, said that relaxing into hot water has similar benefits as exercise, because it also treats type 2 diabetes. The latter is due to the body’s resistance to insulin or lack of production in sufficient quantities, which increases the rates of obesity. He explained that the hot bath not only relaxes the nerves but also has other positive characteristics on your health.

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Dr. Faulkner and his team studied the effect of hot bath on blood sugar and burning calories. The study included two groups, each consisting of 14 people. The first group enjoyed a hot water (40 ° C) for 1 hour, while the second group ride the bike for 60 minutes.
The results showed that the two methods (hot bath or bike) raised the body’s basic temperature, enabling the two groups to measure the percentage of burning calories. Although bike riding has contributed to fat burning, however, the hot bath has played an important role in this process as well. From here the study confirmed that the hot bath is an effective alternative to walking or jogging for 30 minutes.

Relaxing on hot bath lose more weight

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On the other hand, the two methods managed to control blood sugar. But after eating, the blood sugar peak was about 10 percent lower when the participants had a hot bath compared with the second group that rode the bike.
Finally, Faulkner explained that the anti-inflammatory properties of the sport are very important, helping to fight diseases and strengthen the immune system. He pointed out that “Heating” contributes to the reduction of chronic inflammation, such as diabetes type II, which increases the rate of obesity.

Relaxing on hot bath lose more weight

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