Candles dreams meaning

Candles indicate you have an intuitive / psychic ability. With your inner light (candle) you can see where others can not.

A candle in your dream may either be revealing your own spiritual attitudes or showing you that you may need some spiritual guidance at this point in your life.

Detailed dream interpretation: If you light a candle in your dream, you are on the right path to seeking enlightenment. You have lit the candle; therefore, you are taking responsibility in your spiritual quest. This means that you know the steps you have to take in order to get on the right track, and now you just have to take that first step forward. If this is a religious quest, talk to your spiritual leader to see what you can do to move closer to the right path.

If there is a candle in your dream, it represents the amount of spiritual guidance or religious enlightenment you have in your life. You may be undergoing a major change or something else that requires the intervention of another person or a god or that requires spiritual enlightenment. Use your dream to help you figure out what your dream may be trying to communicate about your spiritual life. You are constantly on a spiritual journey and it is up to you to find the guidance you need to help get you through.

If the candle in your dream is not lit, you are having trouble starting your quest. You need to figure out what is missing in your life, and try to find who or what is best equipped to fill that void. If the candles in your dream are in a cake, you are feeling like you have gone too long without this spiritual guidance and you are afraid it may be too late. Your subconscious aims to show you that it is never too late.

Candles symbolize life, eternal spirit and play a significant role in the spiritual world. Their symbolism is quite unique, especially in dreams. To dream of candles shining in the dark, it represents hope, and the battle you’re fighting against the darkness inside you. To see many candles in your dream foretells celebration, special ceremonies, and other pleasant events that will occur in the near future.

If you used the candle in your dream to successfully get through something extremely dark or extremely difficult, it is a good sign. It shows you are able to make it through difficult situations with or without spiritual guidance. If you used the candle in your dream even though it was already light outside, it is not such a positive sign. You rely too heavily on spiritual guidance or outside influence to get through difficult times. Learn to be independent so that you can trust yourself when things get tough.

The white candles in dreams symbolize spiritual guidance. You will experience enlightenment on your life path. You will come to realize that sometimes, the destination is not what matters the most, but the journey itself. The good news is that I believe the white candle indicates that you will grow spiritually and mentally. As white is the balance of all colors. Therefore, the white candle also represents your balance in waking life. It also stands for inner healing, purity, innocence, provides protection from evil, negative people, and ugly truth.

Candles in dreams represent our mortality, but also our eternal spirit that stays on Earth long after we are gone. They stand for hope, enlightenment, fragility, healing, and restoration of the spirit. But, different colored candles have a different interpretation. To see yellow candles means your search for fortune, personal power, and enlightenment will finally soon come to an end. Yes, this dream means you will find what you’re looking for. The yellow candle also represents the tranquility and harmony in your life.

This symbol in a dream acts as a foretaste of parting, a difficult situation, possible losses, family strife. In dream lore candle wax that dripps in the dream indicates that a reliable relationship, mutual understanding, conjugal happiness, so things will work out well in the end.

In dream lore this dream indicates that soon you will have a reliable and serious relationship. It can be a strong friendship or marriage (marriage). Dreaming of lighting more than one candle foretells fulfillment of a cherished desire. To a girl such a dream foreshadows the acquisition of conjugal happiness.