Colors dreams meaning

Colors reveal a lot about the meaning of a dream. Look up the individual color to determine its meaning.

To dream of the main charkas: Having a dream about a specific color may be related to the main charkas and how your body may be blocked of color. In your body there is seven major energy vortexes. Each is vortex is associated with a color.  The chakra vortexes are as follows: The crown = white; forehead (third eye position) Purple = throat Blue = chest Pink or green = navel Yellow = abdomen. Orange = groin.

Interestingly, from a scientific research, it is been found that many women dream of the color red. There are many country flags that depict the colors red and blue, including the United Kingdom and the United States flag. If we even look at the Google logo we can see the colors blue and red! On my trail of research for this article, I could not believe how much red and blue are used. For example, in Star Wars the symbolism of bad and good is blue and red. What I’m trying to say is that blue and red might have appeared in your dream due to the fact that you may have seen the colors in waking life which has affected your dreams. Sigmund Freud, a famous dream psychologist believed that “images” from waking life affect our dreams. In dreams, Blue is associated with the feeling of happiness, calmness, and contentment. If you dream of blue items and this can indicate you are a generous person and that your personality is balanced. Red is power and determination. Red and blue are opposite to each other. They can also represent Ying and Yang.  This indicates that together the color red and blue is wholesome.

that you may experience that people may mislead you so make sure you do not deceive another, as “what goes around comes around” A car or house paint featured in a dream is based upon the meaning of the colors which need to be interpreted, just scroll down. The message in this dream is that you are likely to receive information (within the interpretation) about the current situation and further development.

Freud often believed that dreams involving colors are associated with our mood in life. He believed that dreams of color are impressive and that this dream has a significant meaning. Freud tried to understand the long series of colors and how they effected dreaming. He believed that people who have such dreams are dependent on human interactions. In fact, in his work, he referred to colors as human expectations. Carl Jung’s theory on color was different. According to Jung dream of colors are associated with how you socially come across from a psychological dream periods viewpoint. The other elements of your dream are worth the colors are beautiful will force you any danger in any way.

These two colors can sometimes appear together in dreams. Traditionally red and blue are connected to how we contradict our emotions, these two colors are opposite each other.  Red signifies power and action and blue indicates calming times. Thus, seeing both these colors in your dream can indicate that you are feeling confused. If we turn to spirituality, specifically the occult, the color red is associated with passion, power, anger and the power of life. Additionally, red is also a symbol of aggression. It can also mean that we need to grow and develop as people. The color red can also imply that you are afraid to face any adversities in life. Often, dreams of red and blue appear when one has a huge desire to overcome obstacles. In ancient dream books, these colors are associated with being positive.

The color green in your dream is a symbol of positive changes, new beginnings, and intellectual growth. You have potential and you need to use it to create the life you always wanted to live. Your dream in green also represents independence. You’re a patient person with strong attitude. You don’t depend on anyone nor anything. You love with your whole heart but when a person fails down your trust – you never give a second chance. Your life motto is – “The person who loves you and respects you, will use your first chance as their last one.” Stay as you are and stay true to you.

The dream of silver and gold colored items or hues has a number of interpretations. The color silver in dreams represents purity and justice. It’s also a symbol of protection. The good news is that someone is constantly watching over you. To dream of gold foretells wealth, determination, and development. You will be rewarded for your hard work. To dream of both, silver and gold colors signifies doubt. You’re not certain about something. Whatever you decide will change your life forever, for better or for worse. It’s up to you. Follow your intuition.