Creative School Lunchbox Ideas for your kids


School Lunchbox Ideas School meal is one of the most important meals for children, so mothers have to pay special attention to it, because it contributes greatly to the health and scientific upbringing of children.and we should we note that it should include some of the following food groups to provide your kids with the required energy and health. The ...

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Lovely Lemongrass shrimp soup step by step


Lemongrass shrimp soup step by step The shrimp soup with lemon is one of the most delicious soups that you can prepare on your table. Discover the recipe with “What woman needs” to prepare it as soon as possible, in order to get benefits of shrimp so healthy for your body and giving you the needed energy. Also see: Delicious Oat ...

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Light Cheesecake with strawberry jam recipe


Light Cheesecake with strawberry jam recipe Here’s how to prepare a light Cheesecake with strawberry jam, one of the most popular desserts in the whole world. It’s an easy and delicious dish, all your family members will love it. It is characterized as a low-calorie dessert. The amounts that your need to prepare light Cheesecake with Strawberry jam: 150 g ...

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An Easy and quick recipe of Chicken Wings

maxresdefault (1)

Easy and quick recipe of Chicken Wings Chicken wings is one of the delicious main dishes, where it enjoys a tasty taste with its delicious sauce. Discover how to prepare a quick and easy recipe of chicken wings. Ingredients: Kg chicken wings 4 red pepper, cut into slices 10 chopped tomatoes 3 minced cloves garlic 2 onions, cut into sliced ...

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Roasted broccoli with Parmesan-  Healthy Diet dish


Roasted broccoli with Parmesan Broccoli is one of the vegetables that help cut the appetite, as it contains fibers that help the body to feel full, so , it’s very healthy for those who follow diet and are seeking to reduce their weight. Broccoli baked with Parmesan cheese is a grilled meal cut appetite with less calories. Also see: Easy steps ...

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Yummy & Easy Chicken with sesame seeds recipe


Chicken with sesame seeds recipe Do you want to present the best main dishes on your table and do not have enough time? “What woman needs” offers you a simple and easy chicken and sesame seed recipe step by step. Also see:  Yummy Crispy Chicken recipe step by step Ingredients:  Boneless chicken breast cut into cubes ½ cup cornstarch with ...

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Creamy Mushroom soup with carrots step by step

creamy chicken and mushroom soup (2) copy

Creamy Mushroom soup with carrots step by step In the winter nights, we need for hot delicious soup that can gather all the family talking all the night, here is a simple, delicious and healthy soup recipe full of value ingredients,”Mushroom soup with carrots” enjoy preparing it for your family. Also see: Yummy Mushroom Cream Soup recipe you should taste Ingredients ...

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Delicious Oat white soup with vegetables recipe


Oat white soup with vegetables recipe Oat soup has a lot of benefits to suit all ages, is provide the body with energy and can be taken more than one way, It’s a healthy dish rich in fiber, as well as low calories vegetables, it’s so healthy, specially these winter days, which is inexpensive and available, as is oatmeal appropriate ...

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low Calories Creamy Pasta with Mushroom recipe


Creamy Pasta with Mushroom recipe Do you like eating mushrooms pasta with white sauce, It’s really a delicious and delicacies recipe you could prepare without earning more weight. Also see: Delicious Fettuccine & Alfredo sauce Italian recipe  Ingredients 2 Tablespoons sweet red peppers (Paprika) 1 large onion minced 2 Tablespoons of butter or vegetable oil 350 grams of minced mushroom 1 ...

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Yummy Christmas roast turkey recipe


Christmas roast turkey recipe Roast turkey is one of the main dishes that attend the festive season of Christmas, which is usually served with grilled carrot dish, turkey has countless benefits, Today “What woman needs” will give you delicious way to prepare your roast turkey Here Ingredients Ingredients of the roast turkey: 1 turkey 1 onion 3 garlic cloves 1 ...

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