Easy recipe of Fried chicken & broccoli


Easy recipe of Fried chicken & broccoli  Today “What woman needs” present you one of the fat food recipe with delicious taste as well, out recipe for today is the fried chicken with broccoli, that you can prepare in no time and enjoy its delicious taste, this recipe for 4 people, here’s the ingredients; Also see: Delicious recipe of Meatballs with ...

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Diet muffin recipe – delicious and low fats recipe


Diet muffin recipe – delicious and low fats recipe Do you one of those who are following strict diet that deprive you of eating sweet muffin, Don’t worry any more, as ” What woman needs” provide a delicious recipe that you can apply at home , enjoying its yummy taste without worrying of having more calories; this recipe is for 4 ...

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Light Quinoa salad for perfect body fitness


Light Quinoa salad for perfect body fitness “What woman needs” is going to learn you how to prepare a delicious and healthy salad dish of quinoa salad on a quick way for a perfect diet. here it is; Quinoa salad  Ingredients and preparation method: 2 cups of quinoa (whither white or colored organic quinoa)  pre-cooked in 3 cups of water and a pinch ...

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Delicious Apples Cupcake recipe step by step


Delicious Apples Cupcake recipe step by step “What woman needs” offers you today a delicious recipe of cupcake with red apple slices to enjoy the delicious flavour, taste and smell, here is the ingredients and the way to prepare step by step; Apples Cupcake recipe Ingredients: 3 red Apple 2 cups of flour 1 tablespoon of Bicarbonate of soda Half ...

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New recipe to prepare Cheesecake with berries


New recipe to prepare Cheesecake with berries Cheesecake is considered of the best desserts to a lot of people due to its lovely and delicious taste, it comes on many and variety of flavors to meet all the taste, some love it as it is, others prefer the chocolate cheesecake, while others  love fruity cheesecake , Today “What woman needs” will provide ...

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Ideal Tia salmon recipe for diet


Ideal Tia salmon recipe for diet Some studies have shown that people who eat salmon burn more fat, and at the same time do not need more food, as salmon make them fell  fullness for long periods,  and thus can maintain your weight through the diet of eating salmon; for this we came to you from the Thailand kitchen the Tia ...

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Yummy recipe of Custard and raspberries pie


Yummy recipe of Custard and raspberries pie When it comes to lovely and delicious desserts, there is nothing better than the custard and raseberry pie with the lovely color and taste of this pie, you will for sure enjoy the tasty and lovely flavor, here is the recipe step by step follow to enjoy eating this perfect easy pie; Custard and ...

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The Delicious Thai roast duck recipe


The Delicious Thai roast duck recipe  Do you try the Thai food, Do you like it? Why don’t you try this healthy delicious recipe of the roast duck on the Thai manner, here are the ingredients and the method, So easy recipe. Thai roast duck recipe  The ingredients: • Duck breast: 190 grams • Chinese Broccoli: 80 grams • Red pepper: ...

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Delicious and easy Ice cream recipe


Delicious and easy Ice cream recipe We are going today to prepare a delicious and fast and easy recipe for ice cream at home exclusively on the magazine “What woman needs” forth below to enjoy it with your family. Ice cream recipe Easy and fast Ice cream recipe Ingredients: 1. one cup of milk powder 2. one cup of liquid ...

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Delicious Lemon Cake recipe


Delicious Lemon Cake recipe “What woman needs” is used to provide you with the most delicious recipe in the cooking section, today we are presenting you this lovely and simple recipe of lemon cake, enjoy it. Lemon Cake recipe Ingredients: 5 eggs of any size. 300g castor sugar. 140 ml double cream. Preached of three lemons. A pinch of salt. ...

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