Rice with chicken is ideal for your Diet

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Rice with chicken is ideal for your Diet Rice with chicken You can eat the usual dishes during your diet even if they are healthy and prepared with a light oils , We provide you my dear lady in the kitchen of “What woman needs” rice with chicken recipe on an easy and healthy way. Ingredients: Chicken breast: 4 breasts (without bone and skin) Spices : ...

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The basic sponge cake recipe, will work for you


The basic sponge cake recipe, will work for you sponge cake recipe Cake is of the most important basics to prepare the basic sponge cake on correct and successful manner, we attended you in the kitchen of  “What woman needs”  the correct and the simpliest sponge cake recipe on a professional way, this cake can be filled with different types of ...

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Delicious recipe of lovely Yogurt Cake


Delicious recipe of lovely Yogurt Cake  Yogurt Cake Yogurt Cake is any easy recipe, today We brought you a distinctive way and simple preparation, you’ll get fragile cake and exquisite different taste , you enjoy eating this lovely cake with your partner, friend, kids on the morning or the after noon. Ingredients: – 150 gram flour – 100 grams yoghurt – 3 eggs – 130 grams sugar ...

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Fish cubes for a healthy diet


Fish cubes for a healthy diet  Fish cubes Diet doesn’t mean to eat just fresh fruit and vegetable or to prevent yourself from tasting and enjoying eating other kinds of delicious dishes, so we bring you this yummy and delicious fish dish, and hope you like it, as it has got just 465 kcal. My dear lady , you will not treading ...

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Yummy recipe of cheesecake cups


Yummy recipe of cheesecake cups cheesecake   Who does not like the cheesecake ? it is one of the tastiest cakes that suits for the atmosphere of the hot summer and also the winter as well, but the preparation may need several steps and many of the ingredients, so we today we are going to prepare it with a simplified manner and ...

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