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Cozy collection of simple occasions Hairstyles 2019

Cozy collection of simple occasions Hairstyles 2019
The majority of women give a great importance to  buy expensive things to attend an event,  unaware of care in choosing the appropriate hairstyle and outfit, so they may tend to exaggerated hairstyle to complete their views , but the opposite is true. And if your dress is luxury, your  hairstyle should be very simple so as not to show smirk. So ” What woman needs” offer you three easy ways to style your hair at concerts and events:

occasions Hairstyles
occasions Hairstyles

occasions Hairstyles

Puff hair is of the famous red carpet hairstyles , that give you an attractive form like Hollywood celebrities, as this hairstyle hide hair flaws and shown by the appearance of a healthy and vital.
You can do it through the following steps:
First: Apply mousse foam on your hair brush and comb your wet hair .
Second: reverse your hair forward and begin drying it with a hairdryer to a warm degree.
Third: Use a hair dryer with a circular  hair brush for to wrap your hair tuft on the brush  and direct hot air on them.

Wavy hairstyle gives you the blown and vital natural View, as femininity appear in a modern way.
You can implement it through the following steps:
First: Apply foam mousse on your wet hair from a roots and even parties.
Second: divide your hair into four tuft sections and begin to take them and lock them with your hands, then run hair dryer on them, and then apply the same thing on the other tufts.
Third: Start by using the pins of hair on the locks of hair and prefer to be currently one and a half inch so give wonderful Wavy shape . your hairstyle became complete.

occasions Hairstyles

No longer bun hairstyle on the form in which it  used to, but the designers added new additions to keep pace with modern designs, for example: hairstyle filed with braids , may give you a stylish look and show the beauty of your face.
You can implement it through the following steps:
First: Comb your hair, divide into two parts, then make two braids ,  Start at the top of the hair, dry your hair with hair dryer.
Second: link the bottom part by a ponytail.
Third: Unzip the braids , and put your hair in the form of a bun , you will see the front of the lower hair on a loosely and vital form.

occasions Hairstyles

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