Dancing dreams meaning

Dancing represents expression of feelings and is therapeutic for your heart in dreams.

A dream about dancing is a happy dream. It usually refers to a person’s way and level of feeling joy, happiness and a sense of victory and confidence. Traditionally a dancing dream predicts happy times ahead. Depending on the precise context, dreaming about dancing may also hold some sexual connotations.

How do you feel when you are “dancing.” dreams convey an emotional mood and so a dream could be saying “I felt like I was dancing.”

Dreaming of yourself dancing means that you need to take into consideration a specific rhythm of your life. You could be an individual that must feel free in your life and for whatever reason you are not feeling or experiencing freedom at the moment. The dream refers precisely to this need of freedom. Dancing in your dream is a favorable symbol and can signify happiness, feeling of contentment with your surroundings and more importantly with yourself. It is also possible that you will be getting closer with a partner.

Probably the most common attribute of a dream depicting others dancing is arrogance. You may not refer to yourself with words such as ‘I am proud as a dancer’ especially not in a flattering fashion. However seeing others dancing may underline what your qualities actually mean to you.

The dream is symbolically giving expression because you do not do this in reality.

To see animals dancing, a bee dancing, or any other animal dancing suggesting patterns of behavior such as a mating. It generally means that you are going to be stunned by someone’s actions sometime soon. To dream of type of gymnastics, figure skating or synchronized swimming which includes dancing indicates that at the moment your mind experiences some commotion and you need emotional support to keep on going.

To dream of objects while you dance, for example a ribbon or a flower indicates that you are going to have an inanimate encounter with an unexpected person. To break-dance or do hip-hop dancing denotes that every so often you think about the future and get worried. The message here is to stop thinking about the future in this way, live in the present and enjoy life! To dream of a dancing master foretells that you will neglect important affairs to pursue frivolities.  For a young woman to dream that her lover is a dancing master portends that she will have a friend in accordance with her views of pleasure and life.

If you dream of being on the street and most people in the dream are dancing, it is generally a good omen, and it may mean that an important desire of yours will be fulfilled.