doctor dreams meaning

To dream of a doctor means you have a healing ability. However, in dreams, this means you have a hands-on healing ability like Jesus practices in the bible.

A surgeon usually suggests that you need to be able to free yourself from a difficult situation in your life, while a general physician means that you need to carefully consider your mental wellness. A doctor in your dream can predict an illness, but also wealth and good health.

If a doctor is reluctant to do healing it means your immune system is repressed or slow to act in the way it should.

Doctors can symbolise several things in dreams. They can obviously link to real illness and medical issues.

In some traditions, it is said that the dream of a doctor foretells that you are going to be sick.  In other traditions, the interpretation of a dream that displays a doctor is exactly the opposite: the doctor in your dream foretells full health and good wealth. If the doctor is a member of your family, you will encounter a pleasant family event, most probably a wedding.

They may link to your own assessment of some medical problem you or a loved one is having. The doctor maybe also connected to some emotional or psychological illness.

Going to the doctor in the dream suggests that you could have an accident in your waking life. If in your dream you are spending some time with a doctor during a meeting, this is a sign that your business will prosper, and that you will enjoy lots of good times in the near future.

They maybe connected with a wish for some problem to be cured. Doctors can also link to some situation where you are been deeply probed on a personal level. You tell doctors everything and they may stand for a deep and honest probing of yourself.

If in your dream you are undergoing surgery and a doctor is in control of the situation, the dream refers to the need or possibility of sudden and painful change in your waking life, and you need to escape a dangerous situation. It also depends what surgery you are undergoing in the dream. Surgery on the eyes refers to your mentality. Heart surgery suggests the need of change in regard to others and your way of getting involved in various situations. Head surgery refers to the necessity to change an attitude, a way of thinking, or your ideas about a specific situation.

You obviously do not have the ability to undergo these changes alone. You need encouragement from your close friends in order to make some radical changes in your waking life. If you are talking to a doctor in an operating room, you are probably well-organized in your real life, and you know exactly what you have to do to change. You need patience to make the right changes in time.

If you dream yourself being a doctor, you will be respected in your waking life. A doctor departing in your dream suggests a possible illness. If the doctor is wearing a white coat, you are respected by your friends.

If you are over fifty years of age, dreaming of a doctor suggests that your professional waking life has been a significant influence of your life’s progression. You have been very successful, so the key to this dream is to understand that this is a message to relax and take it easy.