Easy recipe of Fried chicken & broccoli

Easy recipe of Fried chicken & broccoli
 Today “What woman needs” present you one of the fat food recipe with delicious taste as well, out recipe for today is the fried chicken with broccoli, that you can prepare in no time and enjoy its delicious taste, this recipe for 4 people, here’s the ingredients;

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Fried chicken & broccoli
Fried chicken & broccoli

Fried chicken & broccoli 

Pound of chicken breasts without bones or skin, cut into cubes
¼ cup flour for all uses
Cup of chicken broth
¼ cup honey
¼ cup soy sauce
Half a tablespoon of fresh ginger, peeled and grated
2 Cloves of garlic, a medium-sized, grated
Small tablespoons of sesame oil (optional but recommended)
Tablespoon cooking oil ( olive oil)
A pound and a quarter of broccoli (about 6 cups broccoli)
Small onion, sliced
Three-quarters a pound of white mushrooms, sliced

Fried chicken & broccoli 

How to prepare
Remove any excess fat from the chicken breasts, and left to dry on paper towels. In a medium bowl, put the chicken with a quarter cup of flour until evenly covered. Chicken is removed (keep the rest of the flour in a bowl- will be used for the sauce).
To prepare the sauce:
In a bowl of the remaining flour , add a cup chicken broth, ¼ cup honey, ¼ cup soy sauce, a half tablespoon ginger grated, 2 grated cloves of garlic , and small tablespoons of sesame oil (if used), and stir until mixed. Set aside.

then put the chicken pieces on the mixture of the sauce, you can fry on your oven for about thirty minutes, or on a skillet with continuous stirring, until you get the brown lovely color, after that remove the chicken pieces of the skillet and add the broccoli for about ten minutes , turn of, and present on a dish of chicken pieces with broccoli and enjoy.

Fried chicken & broccoli 

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