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Do men burn calories faster than women?

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Do men burn calories faster than women? It is common knowledge that men have a greater potential to burn fat than women, and many do not know why this happens. Today, “What woman needs” provides you what you need to know about the difference in metabolism between men and women, and each body’ way to burn fat. Also see: Try Dr ...

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Top Cardio exercises benefits for your health


Cardio exercises benefits Do you search for fitness and full health, Do you follow a healthy and balanced diet without achieving the right goals, then you should know that exercise has a great role in this respect, One of the most healthy and important exercises is the Cardio exercises, which is our topic today about its countless benefits, follow us, ...

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Boiled potatoes benefits for losing weight

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Boiled potatoes benefits for losing weight The boiled potatoes contain a large number of important nutrients such as iron, calcium, potassium, copper, phosphorus and vitamin C. They also absorb toxins from the human body and treat some intractable diseases.   Potato salad is one of the easiest dishes to prepare. Eating boiled potatoes alone may be boring in the case ...

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Lose more weight by using celery


Lose more weight by using celery Celery is one of the vegetables that are eaten row or cooked. In addition to its wonderful taste and smart smell, it has recently become one of the most important ingredients for many meals and dishes. But many do not know that celery has many benefits in getting rid of the fat that is ...

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An Effective supplement burns body fat and lose weight


Effective supplement burns body fat You may have heard about Conjugated linoleic acid or so-called CLA, but you probably do not know much about it. It is a type of dietary supplement that helps to dissolve fat and thus maintain muscle. This fatty acid is found in dairy products and meat , but you can also get it by having ...

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Easy Steps to Prepare Effective Detox cleanse your body


Prepare Effective Detox cleanse your body In order to rid the body of toxins (detox) in a day, without any health complications, you need to follow these steps, noting that after three months of the application of Detox, a day of each week, Or every two weeks, From three to six months, and then once a month to become as ...

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All you need to know about Mono diets for weight loss!


Mono diets for weight loss Mono Diet is one of the best types of diets and most effective at all, especially for people who are trying to lose fat accumulated in the body as soon as possible without a lot of fuss. To learn more about this type of diet which gives very effective results of just follow up this ...

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CoolSculpting technique- No more fats


CoolSculpting technique Melting fat and losing weight may take a long time and a considerable effort, because you have to follow a diet and exercise for period or some time so that we can see the difference in your body and achieve your goal. But if you one of those who loves quick and easy things, Then, advanced cosmetic techniques will ...

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Easy Diet plan refresh your skin


Diet plan refresh your skin Did you follow many diets, but the problem that every time you find your skin quickly affected and lose its glowing? then, don’t worry any more, “What woman needs” present you today a balanced diet plan for a week, that help you lose weight , and maintain your skin glowing in the same time. Also ...

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An Easy Apples diet plan for a week


Apples diet plan The apple is rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals, and provides the body with its needs during the period of the diet. It also helps to remove toxins from the body. lose 4 kilograms by the end of the week with apples diet. Apples Diet plan First day: half a kilogram of apples distributed on three meals. Second ...

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