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Magical recipe to get rid of your belly fats


Magical recipe to get rid of your belly fats Are you dreaming of decreasing  your waist and melt the fat in the abdominal area and get rid of excess water? “What woman needs” offers you a magical recipe  that you can prepare at home easily to get rid of theses accumulated fats on effective and quick way, you will notice ...

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Healthy cooking methods to cut calories effectively


Healthy cooking methods to cut calories effectively  Do you want to lose your weight quickly within a few days? To lose your weight, it is necessary to follow the best ways of cooking, here are our choices of different ways of cooking to help you with it: Healthy cooking methods 1. Steam cooking The steam cooking is a health method, that are ...

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Balanced Diet to fight stress & anxiety


Balanced Diet to fight stress & anxiety Most people are suffering from stress nowadays; it is known that the balanced diet raises the serotonin rate on the body, and thus reduces the level of stress hormones, as cortisone and adrenaline also enhances immunity. So, Nutrition specialist “Crystal Pedrosaan” present you these advice in order to control the tension to eat: Balanced Diet – Complex ...

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Coconut oil to burn fats & lose weight


Coconut oil to burn fats & lose weight Coconut oil is known by its content of saturated fats, It’s so popular oil because of its health benefits, and it can be easily found in shops or supermarkets. In fact, scientists agree that there is a relationship between saturated fat in this oil and its effectiveness in weight loss. Coconut oil ...

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3 Cups of Turmeric and ginger a day to weight loss


3 Cups of Turmeric and ginger a day to weight loss Turmeric & ginger are consider of the best plants capable of the convert body that suffers from excess weight into a svelte and fitness body quickly, No more need to others means of different dieting systems and deprivation yourself of the foods you do like;Turmeric & ginger have many health benefits, especially ...

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Top 4 foods help burning fats in just a week


Top 4 foods help burning fats in just a week Do you want to burn fats to lose the excess weight without any trouble, “What woman needs” brought to you through the following article range of health foods that work effectively for weight loss in just a week, you should add to your diet;  foods help burning fats 1. Green tea: The antioxidants in the ...

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Lose weight quickly with grapefruit & honey


Lose weight quickly with grapefruit & honey Many people have tried to get rid of excess weight, they may follow chemical ways harmful to health, and others follow a healthy solutions. You have to resort to natural remedies that are related to a healthy lifestyle such as exercise, drink water, enough sleep , eating  healthy and so on, There are many recipes ...

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Basic rules of postpartum diet you should learn

Basic rules of postpartum diet you should learn For as long as women worry of weight gain that accompanies pregnancy, and changes in the shape of her body, she is motivated to follow a harsh diet immediately after birth. Before doing so, you must be prudence and take many things into account, including your body will be totally exhausted after pregnancy and childbirth, so it ...

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3 Healthy detoxes to Flatten your belly


3 Healthy detoxes to Flatten your belly  Do you have the annoying belly fats that forbid you of wearing what you  like, and cause you a lot of health problem, “What woman needs” provide you the following detoxes to enjoy healthy flat belly; detoxes to Flatten your belly  Reducing appetite Detox: Best ingredients: Cantaloupe + cucumber + Watermelon Method: Whisk, for ...

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Vegetables For fats burning and weight loss


Vegetables For fats burning and weight loss Most diets call its followers to eat as much as possible of vegetables, as it’s rich in fiber and antioxidants. Nutritionist “Crystal Pedrosaan” offers you the following tips for vegetable haters, in order to add them on your diet that you are following: Vegetables For fats burning Nutrition specialists recommend dealing with vegetables more frequently, ...

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