Great dish of burning soup to loses five kilos of weight in a week

Great dish of burning soup to loses five kilos of weight in a week   

burning soup

burning soup

 burning soup

Weight loss and enjoying a slim body will remain the first dream for every man and woman who are looking for the perfect health style.

World nutrition experts will provide the readers of “What woman needs” with the components of «burning soup » of burning fat and that he can get lose you 5 kg of your excess weight in a week.

4 cloves of garlic,
 2 onions,
 4  leeks,
 1 cabbage,
1 celery,
 2 sweet red or green pepper,
2 tomatoes,
2 eggplant,
3 sticks of asparagus,
 3 liters of water,
bit of parsley,
 3 laurel leaves,
A teaspoon of olive oil,
 A little chili,  pepper and salt. 

burning soup tips

How to prepare:
– Wash the vegetables so well.
– Grind the garlic and cut each eggplant, onions, leeks, cabbage into slices , that is to maintain some of  green shallots.

– Finely grated tomatoes, cut sweet peppers into cubes.

– boil all in the water until the vegetables are cooked, add the olive oil and asparagus sticks, parsley, pepper and laurel leaf and salt.

You should eat a dish of soup burning before the date of the main meal by half an hour where «soup burning» contain vegetables that have the characteristics of diuresis and cleanse the body of toxins and resistance to fluid retention in the body and melt the «cellulite» and absorption of fat from the intestine and slow down partly converted to adipose tissue in the body.

burning soup steps