DIY Natural Baking soda Shampoo recipe


Baking soda Shampoo recipe If you want to prepare a useful and nutritious type of shampoo for your hair gives you a soft, dandruff-free and fat-free head, “What woman needs” today will give you the best natural shampoo for hair you can prepare at home easily and quickly without any trouble. Also see: 5 Natural alternatives to shampoo How do you ...

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All you need to know About Hair Protein


Hair Protein As we need to add protein into our daily diet, to feel healthy and strong, so we need protein in our hair daily routine. But what is protein, what does it do and how does it benefit our hair? What are the risks of hair protein? The hair consists mainly of protein filaments, called keratin, and chains of ...

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Top Shea butter benefits for hair growth


Shea butter benefits for hair growth Hair is the secret of the beautiful woman who is distinguished from the all women and has its own beauty lines, so all women seek to take care of their hair to get this beautiful appearance. women also work to find natural ways and means to treat their hair away from chemical products. In ...

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Activated Charcoal Uses for oily hair


Activated Charcoal Uses for oily hair If you have light or Oily hair as well as a dandruff that fills your scalp, this article will definitely will help with these problems. Why? Because we will tell you today the importance of Activated charcoal on hair. Yes, as you read, this natural component does not only have benefits for the skin, ...

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Top Popular hair color 2017


Popular hair color 2017 Some women seek to master the way they dye hair themselves, and in the following article, we offer you the most important steps to get easily dyed hair at home. To be able to rely on yourself in this regard, just look at the following lines that explain the way you dye hair, as well as ...

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Latest Cute and Casual hairstyles for girls


Casual hairstyles for girls “What woman needs” will take you today in a quick tour around the latest stylish cute and casual hairstyles for girls this season, as well as giving you special tips on maintaining its health, enjoy the pictures and the tips. Also see: DIY Easy & simple hairstyles without heat Healthy hair care begins by taking care of ...

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Top Ideas of Braided Chignon Hairstyle


Braided Chignon Hairstyle Every woman dreams of enjoying healthy, clean hair, not suffering from dandruff and drought. So, they resort to the products in the market to treat it, but the latter contains a lot of chemicals. So, “What woman needs” offers you Braided Chignon Hairstyle as well as effective natural oils for healthy hair. Also see:  Stylish ways of floral ...

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Top Honey hair recipes for shiny and healthy hair


Honey hair recipes for shiny and healthy hair Honey has long been known for its moisturizing benefits of hair, but do you know it is also a stimulant for hair growth? Honey is a hair moisturizing that keeps the moisture inside the hair follicle and thus prevents it from breaking, which causes hair growth to slow down. Honey is rich ...

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Sage essential oil darken gray hair


Sage essential oil darken gray hair Sage essential oil is considered one of the most important ingredients of the beauty care products, as the maintenance of the use of sage oil renews the skin cells of the body, and thus make the skin and hair more healthy . Also see: Natural homemade gray hair recipe   When you use hair ...

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Natural Homemade recipes for soft & silk hair


Homemade recipes for soft & silk hair Over time, chemical hair creams may cause hair damage and permanent damage to its follicles. It is indispensable, if you want a smooth and silk hair. In order to achieve a smooth and healthy hair equation at the same time, we present to you natural recipes characterized by its ability to soften hair, ...

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