Hair styles

Wet Sleek hairstyle on the red carpet


Wet Sleek hairstyle on the red carpet Every season, there are new, creative and distinctive hairstyles, that attract all women to try to give them the innovative look that they like to be appeared with it every new season. one of the modern and new hairstyles that appeared recently is the wet sleek hairstyle. Wet Sleek hairstyle  We have seen  this ...

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lovely Short hair styles of summer 2016


lovely Short hair styles of summer  2016 Short hair was not fashionable like these days, especially with the spring and summer seasons. Women are looking for a convenient loose hairstyle to relieve hot heat and humidity, There is no hairstyle better than the short one? If we asked some women about the comfort hairstyle for them, the answer would be, of course, ...

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The best and latest spring hairstyles 2016


The best and latest spring hairstyles 2016 Spring season is the season`of freedom, freshness, season with its warm atmosphere need to adopt new hairstyles full of femininity and softness as twisted tufts and embellished with flowers and colorful silk straps, elegant French braids and other innovative ideas. “What woman needs” provide you with some simple and lovely spring , to help you choose ...

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Distinctive Summer braids Hairstyles for the elegant woman


Distinctive Summer braids Hairstyles for the elegant woman There is no doubt that the woman pay a great attention to her hair , she want to give it the healthy and shiny look to appear with the best look on front of others, she tends to try the new trendy hairstyles and hair colors in order to change her whole look, but ...

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Best hair colors for Spring 2016


Best hair colors for Spring 2016 Spring 2016 season came up with the latest fashion hair colors which are filled with riches and rich multi-color and bold colors as well to break the boredom of routine popular appearance for women to show bright and elegantly modern with new colors. “What woman needs” offer your the latest hair color for spring 2016 , ...

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Latest hairstyles of curly hair 2016


Latest hairstyles of curly hair 2016 Hair beauty and splendor is not limited to the straight and soft hair, as the curly hair also has elegance and attractiveness of different style,  but its beauty can be enhanced by taking care to get the most beautiful look and vibrant style as the curly hair is very sensitive when it expose to environmental factors ...

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Latest hair dye color for summer – spring 2016


Latest hair dye color for summer – spring 2016  Do you like applying new hair dyes? you should now that the use of hair dyes have a lot of disadvantages and great damage to the hair and skin, the substances that is into the hair dyes have a clear health bad effects, as these combinations are working on the accumulation of ...

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The latest bridal ponytail Hairstyles 2016


The latest bridal ponytail Hairstyles 2016  Ponytail hairstyle is considered of the easiest and simplest hairstyles that can be selected in the normal days and events as well, where it is adopted by a lot of hairdressers for the brides. one of the features that distinguishes this hairstyle , that it still remain popular in all seasons, but you  should find out what suits ...

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DIY Hairstyles for Long Hair step by step


DIY Hairstyles for Long Hair step by step Are you of the lovers of long hair? Do you find it difficult to style it on the way you love? Make sure that you do not need anymore to stay long hours when you style your hair at your hairstyle, but you can apply many and varied hairstyles forms easily, through ...

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Chic latest Hairstyles for the elegant bride


Chic latest Hairstyles for the elegant bride .Bride give a great attention to her wedding hairstyle and color, as it occupies  a big role on her wedding preparations, as this Hairstyle of the bride on her wedding day reveal about her character, so any woman is trying to get the most beautiful views in the great day. And, as they say, ...

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