The secrets of Indian women silky skin and hair


The secrets of Indian women silky skin and hair skin and hair  When we speak of Indian beauty, turn on mind the image of women that have bright skin free of impurities and defects, and also characterize with her shiny and healthy hair . In fact, Indian women picked up over many generations secrets and recipes to preserve the beauty across the ages, and ...

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5 Tips to get perfect hair


5 Tips to get perfect hair perfect hair Any girl want to have the perfect hair that increase her self- confidence, that also add her special view , so we are going my dear lady today on our blog ” What woman needs” to give you the best five tips to get the perfect hear you have dreamed of. 1. ...

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Simple smoothing hair tips using natural materials


Simple smoothing hair tips using natural materials smoothing hair tips We should all take care of our hair, to give it a special care and time to make it look good. many of us like to show their hair o smooth and silky ,You do not want to use hot tools or hair relaxer to smooth your hair looks and we of course, agree with your opinion, if ...

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Latest little girls hairstyles 2016


Latest little girls hairstyles 2016 little girls hairstyles The most lovely thing that can happen on your whole life is having a little and cute girl, who will full your life with love and passion, as well as enjoyment, the little pretty girl will full your whole time with joy and laughing. Every mom want her girl to look gorgeous, ...

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Hair straight recipes in just a week


Hair straight recipes in just a week Hair straight   Who among us does not dream of smooth hair to increases the beauty and elegance of the hair , and for that we knock on all the ways to get to this result and we use all formulations of chemical hair straighteners, and we do not know that there is a simple ...

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Simple winter hairstyles need only one minute


Simple winter hairstyles need only one minute winter hairstyles In the morning, evening, or at any occasion … How many times you would like to apply a quick hairdo hair that do not take a little of your time. You are lucky this season, because of the fall 2015 season platforms were full of ideas appropriate offers for the modern woman ...

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The latest Short hairstyles of the great stars


The latest Short hairstyles of the great stars Short hairstyles Scattered hairstyles spread at the present time everywhere, it may suddenly infiltrated the hairstyles of stars, thanks to the suitability to all hair types and forms of faces. Here are my pretty lady, a group of short hairstyles, adopted by stars of different colors and haircuts. Anne Hathaway If your hair ...

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Latest fashion colors of hair dyes 2016


Latest fashion colors of hair dyes 2016 hair dyes If you one of renewal lovers, and you like to change the color of your hair and  also, fond of keeping up with the latest fashion and following everything new , so we on your lovely blog “What woman needs” present you  the high fashion for the season of 2016 of hair dyes colors . ...

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