hands dreams meaning

To dream of hands indicates you have a hands-on healing ability. With this healing you channel energy through your hands into your client.

At times, extended hands indicates that you need and you may be willing to develop close friendships. If the hands in your dream are stroking, you may be feeling sexy

Handling something in a dream maybe a very easy dream to interpret. It may seem totally unrelated to reality at present but handling is a very general term. We often use this to refer to something negative – we say ‘he didn’t handle that very well’ or ‘He didn’t handle danger very well’.

The dream about cutting your own or somebody else’s hand or wrist foretells money gain is coming your way. It is good to dream of a white hand. In this case you get rid of some unpleasant problems, and a desire of yours will be fulfilled.

A very good sign is if you dream of baby hands. This means you will be successful financially. To dream you washed your hands foretells that you will get rid of some concerns in the near future. The most interesting and strange dream is the one of a hand of gold. It heralds big wealth in real life.

A skeleton hand in a dream it means you need to breathe life into your healing ability. You are literally letting it die.

What situations did you handle yesterday? What are you about to handle tomorrow? Did things go badly or well? Ypour dream will probably be a review of how badly things went or how you could have handled it better.

It means that a passion has surfaced, and you are ready to get working to make this happen. If you find something heavy in your hand, or you are juggling, this shows a situation needs to be correctly analyzed in order to make the right decision. A hand left in nature represents someone is likely to cheat on you.

If you dream of washing your hands, it means that you have a feeling of guilt, and you are trying to replenish and end anything bad happening in your life.

A large hand can indicate that you have been chosen by a spirit in order to carry out an important task. Things will become clear in the near future. If your hands are praying or the palms are turned towards the sky, this can mean that you will shortly receive a blessing which will make you happy.

Hands are a sign of beauty. Washing your hands in your dream foretells good moments coming your way. However if in your dream you see hands with hair, this is a sign of unhappiness.