head dreams meaning

To dream of a head indicates that you are intellectual – your head rules your heart. The dream is showing you this in an attempt to get you to move your center of consciousness down from your head to your heart.

Decapitation means that a misfortune expects you. A cut-off head is a sign of a relative’s death, but it could also foretell that a departed friend of yours will return home soon. Cutting somebody else’s head represents profit.

A head without a body indicates recovery from an illness and comfort.

If your head hurts in your dream, this foretells that someone (in waking life) wants to use you for their own benefit. A headache generally indicates disappointment at work, and things could turn against you.

A head alive represents good luck and fortune. Dreaming that you are carrying a head in your hands is positive.

bald head indicates that you are not thinking with regard to the subject matter of the dream.

The head of a sheep means you will enjoy some gain or interest. The head of someone dead is a sign of animosity and mourning.

Cutting your hair is a sign of running around with no results, or gambling losses. Cut hair means agitation. A hat on one’s head indicates unexpected gains.

Darkness around a head indicates depression.

If you dream of having an extremely large head this suggests that you may have demonstrated a inflatable ego in some way, and it is time to stop this. It is much better to be laid back and not worry much about your situation.