Can Diabetic eat fruits?


Can Diabetic eat fruits? Diabetic always ask question about if he has the right to eat all kinds of fruits, without causing any increase in blood sugar. Also see: Top Natural foods save you from diabetes Studies show that fresh fruits are beneficial for diabetics because of their multiple benefits. These benefits can be summed up in the number of low ...

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Essential health habits every woman should concern


health habits every woman should concern “What woman needs” will help you, my dear lady, through providing you the necessary tips about the essential health food habits every woman should concern about, namely: Also see: Fight osteoporosis by these healthy nutrients Anti-oxidants are the best ally of women’s health, as they fight the free radicals responsible for many diseases and health ...

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Essential nutrients supplements for women health


Essential nutrients supplements for women health Every woman wants to have a healthy and perfect body, that does not suffer from any health problems from the inside and outside, which is reflected on her skin and hair. Care starts from the health of the body and food safety. So, “What woman needs” offers you the best nutritional supplements for women’s ...

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Top foods refresh your memory and focus


Top foods refresh your memory Weak memory is a common phenomenon among young people and individuals who are not as young as 50. The negative impact of an unhealthy diet is reflected in memory and the ability to memorize and retrieve information. The first secret to maintaining a strong and active memory is a healthy diet. “What woman needs” highlights ...

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How to treat your women during period?


How to treat your women during period? During the menstrual cycle, women undergo many conflicting emotions and mood swings, and the husband must be aware of all these things and be good at dealing with her at different times and moments. So”What woman needs” tells men the best way to treat their wives during their period to spend quiet time ...

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How to Control the risk of Pregnancy diabetes?


Control the risk of Pregnancy diabetes Women with gestational diabetes are pregnant women who have not had diabetes before, but their blood sugar is high during pregnancy. It does not often cause symptoms. High blood sugar levels in women with gestational diabetes are caused by the placenta’s hormones during pregnancy. There are Some factors that can raise the risk of ...

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These Foods increase libido in women!


Foods increase libido in women During periods of hormonal fluctuation that include postpartum, premenopausal, and menopause, most women start feeling decreased sex drive, insomnia, digestive disorders, mood swings, hot flashes, fatigue, and weight gain. These symptoms make women feel bad and this leads to decreased desire for sex. Therefore, when most women feel psychological and physical improvement is the most ...

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Top Brain food makes your kids focus more and more


Brain food makes your kids focus All mothers seek to support their children with the best possible during studying and take care of them, from providing the necessary atmosphere for studying and getting enough sleep as well as following them while studying and preparing food and drinks for them. Here, however, we will provide a number of foods that increase ...

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Top benefits of soybean oil for your health


Top benefits of soybean oil Soybean oil provides a lot of health benefits that your body needs to get vigor and vitality which are considered essential for health, so you find in the following article highlights soybean oil benefits to the body.   Control the level of cholesterol in the body Soybean oil helps to maintain normal range of cholesterol ...

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Top healthy Oatmeal benefits for your health


Top healthy Oatmeal benefits There are some widespread diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol and others, remain the main concern for many, seeking natural ways to reduce them, as well as pharmacological treatments. “What woman needs” advise you on the wonderful benefits of oats in the alleviation of these diseases, or avoid getting them, in the following ...

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