5 Tips for relationship renewal with your partner

5 Tips for relationship renewal with your partner relationship renewal After marriage, the couple are live in love and romantic, then quickly turn their relationship in some cases to the routine. There are things that can break this routine and the renewal of the relationship between the couple, from time to time. Here are some tips that you may find useful in ...

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Strawberries to get rid of Acne


Strawberries to get rid of Acne Acne  Strawberries are known for high skin usefulness, especially because they contain a high content of antioxidants, and this mask of strawberries useful in the treatment of acne and also mixed with honey and lemon juice and brown sugar to help prone skin acne treatment, and salicylate acid found in Strawberry is also wonderful ...

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7 Benefits of drinking cold milk


7 Benefits of drinking cold milk cold milk   Milk is a part of your daily life in one way or another, is not it? Do you prefer to drink hot milk or cold? Did you know that milk contains some of the benefits when it is hot and the other when it is cold? In this article we are ...

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Simple remedy to get rid of puffy eye


Simple remedy to get rid of puffy eye puffy eye The long nights, the electronic screens, genetic factors coming together … that destroys the beauty of your skin , your eyes need special care and attention. Does not claim those dark circles and high wrinkles get deformation of your face and disclose your real age, The problem of the bulging eyes is very ...

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3 home remedies to overcome sleep problems


3 home remedies to overcome sleep problems sleep problems Do you suffer from insomnia, and would you like to overcome it, to get the comfortable  sleep? our smart site “what woman needs” offers you three natural treatments for preparation at home and eat before bedtime that will help you to get rid of the issues that may prevent from the good ...

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8 Tips on the winter Dietary


8 Tips on the winter Dietary  winter Dietary  We all know that our dietary habits vary depending on the climate change; While we are welcoming  winter , our beloved site “What women needs” present for its readers fast tips about food, especially that many get extra weight in the cold season, and increase their consumption of sugars in particular. Preferable to increase vitamin “C” ...

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5 Tips to get rid of insomnia

Woman ith her head under her pillow trying to sleep

5 Tips to get rid of insomnia insomnia If you are one of those who suffer from lack of sleep, or the difficulty of organizing a comfortable sleep, or exposed to the pressures at work or for some family problems, you should be aware of the importance of a regular sleep schedule , and the habits of a healthy sleep, ...

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