hen dreams meaning

being a place for egg production, is about your ovaries. For example, if the floor of the hen house is dirty the dream is asking you to improve your elimination / diet to avoid toxins building up in your ovaries.

The egg is connected to enfolding layers in life. The hen egg is a sign of immortality and this can mean that if you see a hen in a dream that an idea will be born. I like to think these are ideas that you have which are currently enclosed in the shell of the egg.

Secret life comes from the enclosure of the egg and seeing a hen’s egg in a dream is a lucky sign. You will find that in this dream meaning I use the term hen or chicken. I believe in dreams that they both represent the same thing.

This bird appearing in your dream means that you need balance and regeneration and to think carefully about opposing forces. Sometimes this dream can signify death or disruption in a situation which is associated with a new career move, but a bright future is ahead of you in the distant future so don’t be worried.

To hold a hen/chicken in your dream suggests that someone close to you will need guidance. If you dream that the hen/chicken is laying eggs then this means new opportunities are coming your way.

If you dream your house is full of chickens, you will have wealth and power over other people. In general, chickens predict huge financial gains.

A big hen in your dream foretells that you may have good luck in love. A hen in a nest foretells an earning. An old explanation states that if you dream of a hen with chickens you will encounter loss and relationship damage.

If you feel like you’re going through stagnation in life then this dream is common. You’re just confused and waiting for a sign to tell you to start moving things around again. A dream of a hen is the sign you’ve been waiting for. According to the Bible, the hen also represents grace, rest and quiet. There’s a quote in the Bible saying that the hen portrays favor or grace.