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Here’s Kate Middleton diet and fitness secrets

Kate Middleton diet and fitness secrets
Kate Middleton diet and fitness secrets

Kate Middleton diet and fitness secrets

Do you wonder about the secrets of the diet adopted by duchess “Kate Middleton ” that help her maintain her weight and perfect figure, here’s more details about this diet and fitness secrets.

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Kate Middleton is following the raw diet, which includes eating raw fish, natural juices, spices, cold soups, salads, melons, milk and bananas. On the other hand, the Duchess often follows the Dukan diet. This diet is known by consuming a large proportion of proteins and the near-zero consumption of carbohydrates, leading to weight loss. In the run-up to her pregnancy, Kate Middleton followed a diet of rich juices based on natural sugar-free juices, which maintain her weight as well as her freshness and beauty as a whole.

Kate Middleton diet and fitness secrets

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In the first stage, proteins must be eaten for 5 days to a week. They include eating meat, chicken, fish and skimmed milk products, including eggs, milk and coffee with skimmed and sugar-free milk. In the second stage, fat-free protein should be taken with some non-starchy vegetables in green color. In the third stage, a portion of the fruit and a portion of the bread prepared from dark wheat and protein-rich foods can be taken. In the fourth stage, you can eat foods in small amounts and naturally and it is important to take large amounts of water during all stages with exercise for at least 20 minutes during the whole day.

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Kate Middleton diet and fitness secrets

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