hotel dreams meaning

The most significant place in a hotel is the reception and in dreams they symbolize your reception at birth.

Due to the normally receptive welcome in a hotel it is healing for your reception at birth.

As transient places of residence, hotels and motels in dreams represent transition between one path and situation in life to another.

This is the most significant reception of your life, and how you were welcomed on your arrival can subconsciously control a lot of your actions and philosophy of life.

It is important to understand the details around the hotel in your dream. Was the hotel a beautiful place or a nasty place? If in your dream the hotel is lovely, then positive changes are on the horizon. If the hotel is not nice, this can mean that things in life are going to be slightly difficult in a close relationship.

To dream that you see yourself sleeping in the hotel means you will need to be the person to push through new changes. To visit a hotel in your dream can mean that a new viewpoint or a shift in your persona or identity is on the cards.

The birth imprint is so indelible it comes up time and again in your dreams.

However, if you cannot reach the top of the hotel, you may encounter disappointment. A dream that the building is swaying or the hotel is moving is related to your confidence, and you need to make sure you keep this confidence and you do not lose it.

The main advice is that you need to try to escape from your life to retreat and decide what is important to you. Hotels are difficult dreams to interpret as they can often mean several things depending on your life. To dream of being in a hotel room indicates that you are closing yourself off from others.

 As with many dreams bringing you back to birth, it is likely to also show the spiritual gifts you brought with you for this journey.

Hotels can also relate to people in life and what they think of you, even temporary thoughts. Each room in the hotel can mean a fear. This is a fear to confront the truth about others. To dream that a hotel is sinister or scary indicates that times are changing quickly, and you need to adapt to these changes.