Easy Ways Keep your makeup germ-free


Keep your makeup germ-free Many women believe that their own cosmetics are always safe to use, and are not susceptible to germs. But you will be surprised that it may lead to a skin infection or skin rash. So, “What woman needs” offers you tips to keep your cosmetics free from germs. First, Do not let your friends use your ...

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WHEN YOU SHOULDN’T WEAR MAKEUP? There are some certain times when makeup is never preferred, because it may affect the skin, lead to the appearance of pimples, and the spread of acne on your skin, you should always consider choosing the right time to wear makeup. Here are the times when you should avoid wearing makeup: – Avoid wearing makeup ...

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Effective Vitamins stimulate eyebrows growth


Effective Vitamins stimulate eyebrows growth Thanks to 3 Vitamins help to grow and thicken your eyebrow naturally without resorting to any chemicals. Follow the reading and know about these supplements, but do not overdo them and consult your doctor so as not to exceed the specified amount. Also see: NYX Eyebrow Gel- The most trendy brow gel on Pinterest   Prenatal ...

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How can you use beauty blender sponge?


beauty blender sponge If you want to use the beauty blender sponge and do not know the right ways to do so, today we will give you the right way to use the blender sponge and how to use it in many ways. Also see: Simple Steps Clean beauty Blender correctly   – Do not use the blender sponge while it ...

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How can you Bake your makeup?


How can you Bake your makeup? Baking makeup, which is a new and unique technique has recently appeared. This technique is based on wearing the loose powder on the face, especially the bottom of the eyelid and the upper bone of the cheek for 10 to 15 minutes to make sure the powder is fully blended with the skin. Baking Makeup ...

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Best Eye shadow colors suit your eyes


Best Eye shadow colors suit your eyes Do you ever got to the makeup store standing there without knowing which best eye shadow color for your eyes?. There are many options ahead of you which made you confused. You do not know what color should you buy and whether it suits your eyes or not. This product is a key ...

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Top Makeup tips for working woman


Makeup tips for working woman When you wake up in the morning, you are often so hurry to wear makeup, and it is not appropriate to get out of your home to your workplace without putting anything on your face. In addition, you will feel remorse during the day especially when you meet professional people. But what is the perfect ...

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The best Spring lipstick color trends 2017


Spring lipstick color trends 2017 If you want to get a beautiful look in terms of makeup, why don’t you choose the appropriate ways and tricks for it? “What woman needs” will help you today by providing the top lipstick trends 2017 and lipstick tricks make your lips look stylish and distinctive with long lasting to give you a sense ...

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Amazing Makeup tricks so simple to try

Portrait of an attractive young woman applying blusher on white background

Makeup tricks Many women find it difficult to wear makeup. This may require some specific skills, especially during applying eyeliner or lipstick. But there are some simple tricks help you shorten the road and apply makeup quickly. One of the easiest tricks you can adopt to apply eyeliner is using a scotch tape and put it on the tip of ...

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NYX Eyebrow Gel- The most trendy brow gel on Pinterest


NYX Eyebrow Gel If you follow the latest beauty trends, you know that the determined eyebrows are very much not popular this season at all, but replaced by the natural and dense eyebrows, which increases the beauty of your look. Do not look too much to show the shape of your natural eyebrows and fill in the blanks, there is ...

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