Best Effective tips for soft hands


Effective tips for soft hands Paying attention to your beauty just goes beyond applying makeup and perfume. If we want to talk about nail care, it is certainly not simple. Your care to your nails contributes to changing your appearance in general, and gives the impression of others because your attention to the cleanliness of your nails and the brightness ...

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Cute Ideas for Solar Nails 2017


Cute Ideas for Solar Nails 2017 There are many products available on the market for nails care, but these products may be expensive or contain chemicals, which cause skin sensitivity. The best alternative to these products is to get the nutrients that strengthen the nails from natural sources.There are also natural recipes that will help to treat your nails wonderfully: ...

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The best Pastel Nail Designs ideas


Pastel Nail Designs ideas You should know, my dear lady, that the pretty nails began from the right care of your nails, “What woman needs” will present you the best recipes that can be focused on treating weak nail. Pastel Nail Designs ideas – Moisturizing the nails: The first thing that should be focused in the treatment of weak nail ...

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One simple Homemade recipe for strong nails


Homemade recipe for strong nails If you are having difficulty of growing nails probably, you can quickly solve this problem and with the ingredients available in your kitchen. Here’s a quick and easy recipes to grow nails quickly: Ingredients: 1 lemon acid 3 cloves of garlic A teaspoon of olive oil How to prepare and apply – Squeeze lemon juice , ...

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Effective trick rid of yellow nails


Effective trick rid of yellow nails Yellow nails? An annoying problem that most women suffer from, and distort the beauty of their nails. There are several reasons to block the air from the nails, and lose the white color, the most important: chemicals that are exposed to nails during cleaning the house, the continued application of nail polish and other ...

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Healthy food for the health of your nails


health of your nails Break, dryness, or discoloration of the nails, after frequent application of nail polish and coloring gel, indicate that it is time to rest your nails from your normal routine of coloring your nails. This short break will allow for cell repair and regeneration, helping your nails restore their normal health and strength. The long and painted ...

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Top Summer Nails ideas 2017


Summer Nails ideas 2017 Nails are considered one of the beauty essentials that gives women special and attractive style. Therefore, every woman dreams of a strong and long nails, spend exorbitant amounts on manicures. Your nails need a cleansing diet for a few days between now and then, to get rid of toxins and help them to grow properly. If ...

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The best diet element for the best nails health


the best nails health Many external and internal factors affect our nails and lead to great harm in the long run. The most common when we talk about our nails are breakage and cracking problems. add to it the chemicals that get in our beauty care products and fingernails nail polish. In contrast, your diet has a great importance in ...

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Simple Tips make your nails grow up quickly


Tips make your nails grow up quickly There are many women suffer from weak, dry and broken nails as well as they find it difficult to make them grow longer and quickly. So we’ll help you solve this problem through a wonderful and inexpensive household recipes. Also see: The best nail care tips for clean and healthy nails One of the most ...

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20 Trendy Valentine’ day nail art ideas


20 Trendy Valentine’ day nail art ideas Nails are considered one of the beauty basics that are characterized by women. As it draws attention of partner a lot. Therefore, we have chosen for you in this matter, especially for the valentine’ day, a collection of the most trendy nail art ideas relating to this special day decorated with colored hearts ...

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