Removing glitter nail polish on quick and easy way

 Removing  glitter nail polish on quick and easy way Removing glitter nail polish With the approach of the holiday season, we dream to have a bright and sparkling view and look. And whether it is by using make-up or nail polish, bright colors still has the special luster. When it comes to eye shadow or blusher, the issue is very easy. But we ...

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Simple way for nail growth

Simple way for nail growth nail growth Long and clean nails are the place of beauty to your hands. In addition, the nails reflects the overall state of health of your growth. But several factors may slow down the growth of your nails, and consequently leads to break it quickly, including: age and aging, hormonal changes in the body, health problems, medications, nutritional deficiencies. here ...

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Attractive 3d nail designs for modern women

Attractive 3d nail designs for modern women 3d nail designs Nails are considered an aesthetic basics for every woman, because of their impact and attractiveness. There are various ways  on the application of nail polish depending on the colors & accessories. Here are tri-dimensional 3d nails of high beauty and the most commonly used. it can be placed classically on so ...

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