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Natural and easy homemade protein hair mask for smooth and silky hair

Natural and easy homemade protein hair mask for smooth and silky hair
The healthy and shiny hair is the desire of  all woman around the world, but , we all know that the hair best food is protein, there are a lot of chemical products that may promise you to meet your hair needs and give it the required protein, but they may harm your hair as well, So, why don’t you try our natural protein hair mask for today.

homemade protein hair mask
homemade protein hair mask

homemade protein hair mask

” What woman needs” offers you through the following lines a natural protein hair mask, that works effectively for straightening your hair, that you can prepare on your home without the need for the costly beauty salons, Here’s the ingredients;

2 fruits of avocado
2 fruits of banana
2 fruits of kiwi
3 tablespoons of olive oil.
Two tablespoons of castor oil.
A tablespoon of honey
Two Capsules of vitamin E
Two tablespoons of yogurt
A tablespoon of your favorite hair cream
Two tablespoons of butter, if your hair is dry.

homemade protein hair mask

Mix all ingredients in a blender except hair cream, and Put the mixture into a glass container airtight and then add the hair cream, apply the mixture on your hair and then covered with a plastic bag, for 6 hours. every two hours, expose your hair to a hair dryer. then wash your hair as usual, and enjoy the healthy, shiny and strong hair.

homemade protein hair mask

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