passenger dreams meaning

You need to know what is going on in your life. You have been harnessing feelings of stress. Is your life out of control? There is a level of helplessness which tends to take over your existence, as the passenger dream is connected to an “out of control” feeling. The spirit guides sent such a dream to let you know that it is time to take on responsibilities instead of hiding away.

To be a passenger on a train means you tend to spend too much time trying to placate or please others. Now is the time in your life for you to consider attempting to create more of a balance in one’s life.

If you don’t have enough time to handle your own bills, your own social activities, work and life then prioritize.  If you find life is constantly interrupted by those who ‘need’ you, then you will find that you could become addicted to some negative behavior. Maybe smoking or drinking?

You are the one that controls change. Does your career make you feel good? Make sure you are happy in life. Do something spontaneous!

If you don’t want to get stuck with difficult choices to make then you must allow yourself to accept present and future possibilities.

If you are the passenger in a car this dream is about control. People are telling you what to do with your life and what direction you need to take.

The people around you signify opportunities that you have in waking life. To carry too much luggage is a sign that you will find many new solutions to your current problems.

This could range from being told what to eat all the way to being told who you should spend time with. For the car to crash is a negative omen.

We have discussed the meaning of being in a car as a passenger earlier on in this dream interpretation. However, to be a passenger on a bus, truck, bicycle, motorbike, motorcars relates to the grounding in our lives is connected to your domestic home life.

If you find that you are going away from your destination instead of towards you, suggests that you must identify your goal clearly and be persistent in order to obtain it.

If you find that other passengers on the train are trying to go to the same carriage as you in a sleeper car, this means that you are becoming a leader in your field in the community. You are someone to whom others can depend on.

To be a passenger on a tram indicates that you need to explore ways to benefit yourself and others spiritually.