password dreams meaning

We associate passwords with specific log in procedures but dreams will often link to wider metaphorical meanings. Passwords tap into wider issues surrounding exclusion.

If one dreams that they have accidentally given the password to those who don’t deserve to have, it means that there is an invasion of privacy going on in one’s life which means that you feel as though you have no secrets and this is an awful place to be.

So if you feel excluded – like someone who has not got the right password – then this could have triggered your dream.

The guides in this case are trying to tell you that you can and should allow yourself to put yourself in an environment in which you can hold onto your own kind of freedom and privacy so that you can feel like a normal human.

A dream of trying to unscramble a password shows that you are trying to figure out a mystery or a puzzle which as of yet remains unsolved in your waking life. This can range from financial issues, to issues of romance and beyond. You are trying to figure something out that will affect your everyday life.

Look through the list of key phrases below to help you understand the symbolism.

If you have a hard time picking a password in your dreaming life to secure your personal files this shows that you are afraid to hide all of your files because you desperately wish others would get to know you better.

There is a level of untouchable air around you, which causes you great sadness at points in this case and you really want others to approach you and get to know you even though your demeanor is on occasion rough around the edges. You are only this way because you feel as though you need to be and you do not know any other way of being.