Peach dreams meaning

Peach symbolizes Empathy. Empathy is the trademark of a skilled counselor. If a guide wears or brings peach it means that you have the potential to be a counselor.

There is an association of becoming obsessed with something in waking life. Usually to have such a dream indicates that your disposition is generally happy and content.

If the tree is barren then it can be a negative sign and you want to be sure that you are seeing possibilities before you. The tree is there which is good but without fruit it can also indicate unrequited love.

The peach rotten however can symbolise somebody with an overly inflexible way of approaching project. Even though at times you look calm and collected you are ready to take on any disaster that is thrown at you.

This is true as well if you see a peach blossom or a tree with peach blossoms. Dreaming of picking love or having choices in love is really what the dream is showing you.

 Dreaming that you gather ripe peaches indicates some natural development of relations with your partner and indicates positive feelings towards love and relationships.

You planted a peach tree, You had a juicy peach.,You offered (or received) a peach.

There are likely deep ravines of trust issues or previous infidelity affecting your life making you become suspicious of another.

Stepping on rotten peaches or walking on them is a sign that you are holding on to a relationship which is dead. This can also indicate that you are comparing your current relationship to one that you are in and it is not a fair comparison.