phone dreams meaning

A phone can symbolize communication. For example, if you dream about your partner, and there is a telephone in the dream, it is about communication with your partner.

This dream can indicate that one needs to take a break or keep a person at arm’s length, but internally they really don’t want to. The dream indicates a struggle within to do what they need and what they want.

The location of the phone can also be significant. For example, a dream of abroken phone in the bedroom means you need to work on sexual communication with your partner.

The phone call itself reveals messages that often you need to hear in your waking world, but may not be catching on to. The phone call itself can be revealing if you pay attention to not only what was said but also what the facial expressions and connotations were.

If you dream about talking to a loved one on the phone, often this will indicate that there is communication needed with this person – or that the communication between you and this person needs to be improved upon.

A phone can also indicate you are telepathic. Telepathy is where you can read other peoples’ minds. If you have this ability you already know it.

Do you have an emotional attachment to someone? – whether they are alive or have passed – it sometimes is a sign that this person is doing alright. Sometimes you can get messages from your dreams from those who have passed on as well.

Receiving a phone call in a dream can have many different meanings, which can be specific to you as sign about something in your life or indirect regarding general direction in your life. Usually there is a message of some kind that can be taken literally.

It could mean that you or the person who was on the other line in your dream has information that more people should or will know about. This can also be an indication of someone spreading rumours.

With this scenario, I would interpret this as an answer to a prayer, an intention to connect stronger to the divine or being given a strong message of faith, protection and hope from the source of creation.