pool dreams meaning

pool is about your spiritual side. These dreams normally focus on specific spiritual abilities which are indicated by other symbols in the dream. The significance of the pool is that it is a contained body of water with no outlet.

Water can also relate to love and intuition. It is the nature of water to be fluid and it can mean different things for different people.

Your own feelings about the pool that you see in your dream should be considered when making an interpretation.

The dream is asking you to remove any tendency you have to contain or limit your ability and to create an outlet for it in your life.

A swimming pool in a dream indicates great times ahead if it is blue in color.

To see someone drown in a swimming pool is a negative omen meaning problems ahead.

Diving into a pool, whether it is you or others in the dream, is a request to dive into life and / or your spiritual side.

To imagine a pool means relaxation, calmness, luxury and ease. You need a rest right now – you are mentally tired and need to take a time out.

To dream that you’re swimming around the shallow finish from the pool implies that you cope with your feelings easily. To imagine a clear pool means that you’re literally feeling empty and lacking of feelings.

Make time to understand your emotions and focus on coping with your feelings. This dream indicates strain around you in your life and you have to step back to see it more clearly.

Lots of people normally imagine pools when it’s time to move back to a far more enjoyable activity. You should appreciate this dream as it signifies need for you to reunite together with your subconscious.

To imagine a clean pool means comfort and acceptance of negativity or uncertainty inside your existence. You’ve be prepared for certain issues plus they think before you if you need to consider them.

When the pool wasn’t clean then things will be slightly taxing, within the forthcoming future.