Prince dreams meaning

To dream of the musician Prince means you are a channel / medium as music comes from the spirit world.

When one dreams about the musician known as Prince, this is a reconnection to the overly ambiguous side of the dreamer which provides a focus on items of a person’s sexuality without having to be stuck in a box.

When one dreams of a prince who is gay, or that they are the prince who is gay there is an extra level of relaxation involved in this role or even being involved with and that the dreamer is more open minded about their sexuality, especially if they felt comfortable with this.

A great example of this is a person who is young or young minded but who has been promoted to be the boss of others without really knowing what they are doing.

To dream of a royal prince means you are a spiritual leader and teacher. This works through empowering others to deal with their own challenges and is a female energy gift.

Since a prince is male it means you lack confidence at this time with regard to being a leader. You have not yet come into your own.

 When one dreams that you are the prince, this shows that you need to feel important as well as nurtured.

When the prince is in your dream and being honored this means that there will be a time in your life up and coming where you are going to be honored and revered for your hard work