privacy dreams meaning

A dream about privacy may link to that theme being important in your life.

Obviously if you feel invaded by others who do not allow you time to yourself then this will trigger your dream. Maybe you need to respect the space of others.

When one dreams about having their privacy interrupted or invaded, this means that the dreamer is going through a time of their life where others are becoming overly involved in their life.

When there is so much privacy in the dreamer’s dream that the dreamer feels isolated and utterly alone, this means that it is time for the dreamer to open themselves up be willing to be socially available.

Perhaps you realised last night how you need to give someone time by themselves.

To be famous in the dream and have no privacy is a message that you feel threatened by others.

When one finds that they are having an overly private time and dream in fact that they are alone in an island this represents that the dreamer desires to be as hermit like as possible so as to avoid getting committed to someone too often.

Privacy can also be kept connected to the power of others. Maybe you have been feeling inferior?  the most important advice of this dream is try to engage with other people and increase communication channels.

When one dreams of getting stuck in a glass house naked where everyone who walks by can see you and are poking fun, this is a sign that the dreamer has been making themselves overly available to others and have begun being taken advantage of.

When all of the secrets of the dreamer are exposed on television this means that the dreamer is feeling overly exposed in several areas of their life and others are criticizing and trying to pick a fight.

The need for boundaries is extremely important at this time of the dreamer’s life and their guides are telling them that going internal is a good way to go for a time.


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