profits dreams meaning

People often get confused about dreams. They may say “I had a dream where I was counting my profit but its just daft because I do not have a business.” But dreams will often use dream symbols in wider ways.

Usually a positive gain financially in a dream is a warning of taking a risk. Losing profits would be a positive sign that finances are going to take a turn for the better.

We can all use the term profit without referring to a business. We say things like “whats the profit in it for me.” We also use profit as a term for people who are hard hearted and only interested in themselves.

Profiting in a dream can indicate searching for money or wanting profit – but usually is representative of seeking money or finances that are not there.

This is often a sign of loss in regards to financial purchases that are large such as a home or a financial backing for work. Consider ways in which you may be over extending your own wallet in order to lose as little as possible.

In the dream time the psyche knows this is not the case and it is almost like your brain buffers your own current or future loss buy making you feel like you have made a gain.

It may not have much effect on your finances but it shows that there is good energy around you in people and you are rich in spirit. This is a good sign for networking or starting relationships

Similar to dreams of death meaning increased health, dreams of profits are usually warning dreams.

Say that someone bought a house in your dream, on your block, and they bought part of your land. In the dream it seems as though you lost, but in real life this would be a good sign for finances concerning real estate in your waking life.