Prom dreams meaning

Dreams can portray exact thought processes. A drream symbol may depict a whole concept. For instance, a “prom” dream depicts the feeling “I am looking forward to the party.”

Proms themselves can give us a clue to how we have as a society grasped commercialism.  If we look at old proms, they were generally in the high school gym but they have now moved to luxurious places. Expensive cars such as BMWs, Range Rovers, and Ferraris.

No more is the French fries and Coke’s. It is given way to à la carte meals.  The problem is now associated with beauty, consumption, and romance. In dreams to dream of a prom indicates the end, a new beginning, romantic relations, luxurious times and great investments. Interestingly, there are even magazines dedicated to buying the prom dress.

Other dreams may involve dancing with the love of your life. If in the dream, prom is a disaster then this is a difficult time.

We all love dressing up, especially in beautiful dresses, ties, and tuxedos. The prom featured in a dream is an indication that you will be supported by a close family in the future.

Perhaps you are planning for your own prom or wanting to go with someone special? Some dreams about prom dresses will feature a girl seeing herself in the perfect dress or a boy seeing the girl he is interested in a dress that he deems good.

If you have left school when you dream of a prom dress can indicate that no matter what happens the end site. Dreaming of a prom dress when you are of the age around going to prom can be an anticipation filled dream that is simply about wanting to have the prom experience.

In every dream, I carry out extensive research. Something caught my eye when I was writing this dream meaning. When I researched his dream, I came across a disturbing story about a girl who had a baby during the prom.

She consequently put the baby into the garbage can and went back to the prom to have a dance. This was a major news story and can give you some clue to our obsession with the prom – in society.

Generally, the prom is associated with white middle-class teenagers who are celebrating the end of an era, back in my day proms did not exist.

The media shines a light on “prom” time every year. Associating prom with success and graduation. Images of the prom are generally distributed throughout Facebook (yes, we have all seen them) and it’s not surprising that we all have a dream of that prom during the prom season.

There is so much media images can affect our dream state. Interestingly, the dream psychiatrist Sigmund Freud wrote a lot about how external images affect our subconscious mind and consequently appear in our dreams.

In fact, research has shown that buying the prom dress is equivalent of buying one’s wedding dress. If you are still in high school dream of a prom dress then this can indicate that you are looking towards getting to the end.