quarry dreams meaning

Passing a quarry can be a sign in your life that you have skipped roadblocks and that you have overcome your own weaknesses to find reward. This is a positive sign as is leaving a quarry with a full load.

If you feel trapped or unable to escape a quarry, examine the ways in your life in which your own attitude is holding you back. You are the key to your success, but you have to be willing to extend yourself and think of creative and innovative ways for success.

Your current path may not be the right one for you. Make sure that your goals are reasonable for your own skills and that they are even truly attainable based on your lot in life at this time.

Especially if you are trapped in a quarry, this is a heads up that you are too inundated with earth or grounding energies.

It is a good thing to be stable on your path, but a dream like this can also indicate a lack of momentum or movement. Consider ways in which you can balance out your own life in order to complete the tasks before you.

Finding riches in a quarry is a great omen for finances and work. It can be a sign of hard work paying off. Usually with dreams like this, you know that you are doing a good job but this indicates that someone else is going to take notice.

You have a difficult task ahead of you and you need to be sure that you are putting your best foot forward. Often this will indicate that you are going to win over odds in your life but it is going to be a struggle or an uphill battle.

This is a time where you must not give up and you must push through even the most difficult challenges.

If you are using a tool in a quarry (such as a bulldozer) then this can indicate the need for help in the waking world. Make sure that you are using all of the required and available tools at your disposal.

In reality a quarry is a man-made hole in the earth where rocks, minerals, and stone are taken from. There are many purposes for a quarry and while they are desolate places they have a purpose.

When you are digging in a quarry in a dream this is a sign of independence and a positive sign that you are using your skills wisely.

Quarries can be a good sign for the direction of your life. They can also represent pill falls or being trapped. Take the concept of the dream into consideration when interpreting this dream icon.