quarters dreams meaning

Saving quarters in a dream can indicate bankruptcy or intense worry about finances. Now is the time to consider ways in which you are overspending or being irresponsible with your finances. Receiving a quarter is a sign of impending wealth.

Quarters that are lost (or any money that is lost in a dream) are a sign that you need to be careful and that there can be a threat around you financially. You may find that you need to work on ways in which you can cut down on your spending costs.

Giving a quarter to someone in need indicates a generous nature and a caring personality. This reflects your desire to see the good in people and often is a good omen for personal rewards coming back to you.

Quarters represent the possibility for growth as they are one of the few coins that people take interest in. When you see quarters in a dream it is a sign that finances are on their way up and a positive for you.

Small amounts of money in a dream is important because it shows that there is a potential for earring in your life right now and that luck is on your side regarding making money.