question dreams meaning

When a question is asked by you or two you it is important to note the connotation in which the question was asked. Was it jovial? Was the person (or you) in the dream accusatory? This will clue you in to your true feelings that are likely repressed.

If you are the one asking questions in a dream then you need to be aware of the holes in information in your waking life. Chances are there are areas in your own life that your subconscious has suspicions about and they should not be ignored.

If you were, for example, cheated on in the past and your wife acts faithful to you and she was the one that never cheated on you the question for you would be whether or not you are holding her up to unfair standards. Chances are that if you have been asking yourself while dreaming that you have been unintentionally treating her differently in the waking world.

For example, if in a dream you ask your wife if she has been cheating on you and she denies it, there is a reason that this question came up. Obviously there is a deep insecurity in your mind about her actions or trust issues that you have.

Sometimes it is enough to take the information at face value however others the information is simply our psyche working out problems – things we wished we had asked for instance.

It is always a good idea to act on information you receive in a dream from someone that has passed when you can.

Even if the answers you receive in your dream time are not ones that you want to hear, it is best to have the answers and to work out issues.

You can direct your actions and understand better how to deal with situations in your life better if you follow the advice of the answers from your dream time.