quivering-dream meaning

Similarly, if you dreamt of another person quivering, this could mean your subconscious has picked up on unusual behavior from that person and is now again warning you that an illness may be struck upon them.

Quivering in your dream can also mean you are coming down with an illness. Often if people have the flu, or another virus working it’s way through their body, shaking or feeling fatigued is a common side effect.

If you are not suffering from sleep paralysis but see yourself quivering in your dream, this represents your utmost anxieties in real life. There may be an area you need to prioritise at the moment before it collapses. Usually people shake when they are extremely angry, upset, or stressed.

During sleep paralysis it is common to see yourself quivering, sick, feeling worried, melting, or dying, which is why the experience might affect you greatly, and should not be forgotten about when you eventually wake up.

The reason why people suffer from sleep paralysis is because their mind wakes up too quickly for their body, meaning their eyes are still moving rapidly (causing dreams to appear), but their mind has awoken.

Another thing which makes this experience so scary, is that your body will also seize up and not allow you any movement, and can in some cases cut off your breathing too.

It can cut off your breathing, and force you to see disturbing images in your dream world. When people suffer from sleep paralysis they are actually half awake, in a stage between REM and full arousal.

To dream that you are quivering relates very closely to sleep paralysis, one of the most terrifying events a person will go through whilst asleep.