rabbit dreams meaning

Rabbits are often associated with reproduction so symbolize your reproduction. This is particularly the case if the rabbits have young.

The best answer I can provide is that this dream spiritually is a positive omen. Because the rabbits are excessive breeders it is often a dream which is focused on fertility and sex! The dream of rabbits can also signify that you are being rather tempestuous – so I can conclude that you are in a good place to lead others right now. Additionally, rabbits point to sexual urges, gentleness, a sense wealth and also idealism.

The Brown rabbit works as a guide to drive you towards the proper course of action in life. To see a black rabbit in your dream means that you may suffer minor anxiety in the future. Scroll down for more dream meanings.

To turn into a rabbit is an omen that other people will provide help. To feed a rabbit in your dream means that other people will try to take something away from you.

If the rabbit is starving hungry then this indicates that other people may turn to you for help. To see blood on a rabbit in a dream suggests that someone will speak about you to others.

If this animal was tame then children are soon to come into your life, and you will have a connection with fertility. When the baby rabbit is born they are naked, blind and deaf.  This can indicate your ability to understand other people but it may take you time to realize the opportunities ahead of you.

 rabbiting, wolves, limp, oven-roasted, order, yanked, sight, hunted, definitely, spotted, whispered, wildcat, countryside, leadership, field, hungry, squirrels, multiply, wildlife documentaries, rustle, cowardly, trapped, cornered, sergeant, shouted, poisoning, shooting, quicker, racing, trembling, tortured, caught

To see multiple rabbits, especially if they are multiplying in numbers or the whole dream consists of hundreds of rabbits, can indicate that great fortune is coming your way.

If you are looking after or caring for a rabbit or a hare in a dream then this indicates that it is possible to be more productive in your career. In particular, seeing the white fluffy bunny in your dream represents a deep commitment to love.

Romantic right! They spend a lot of time in each other’s company and groom each other and clean one another’s fur,  therefore in dreams rabbits in love can indicate love, sex, and companionship. We all know the common phrase “at it like rabbits” In regards to your sex life this dream will be connected to connection and your love relationships. If you find a rabbit is a group then this dream is a positive omen for your love life.

If you have found that your partner is acting strangely in a recent situation then this dream indicates that it is important for you to try to find the root cause as it will help you develop your relationship much further.

If you are single then dreaming of rabbits or a hare often indicates that your true love is waiting in the near future. This is a really exciting time and if you are single you will have HAPPINESS in love in the future.

Have you been quick in making too many decisions? A hare suggests that things in life will speed up. This dream also connects with fertility and you may find that you will be able to conceive a child quite easily in the future. To see a hare in a dream carries the same spiritual meaning as a rabbit in that it is a lucky omen. Oh, I forgot to mention the difference…

If you cannot work out if you could see a hare or rabbit in the dream then follow the rabbit dream meanings but keep in mind if decisions are made instantly in your life, and you’re finding it difficult to concentrate then this can often indicate that a hare has entered your dream state. Rabbits themselves are intelligent animals,  therefore they often represent how you are perceived by others.

Around 2,000 years ago we started to keep rabbits as pets. To see a pet rabbit in the dream indicates that you will realize that you have the capacity to focus on your own needs going forward.

Be careful. Pink rabbits have magical connections and may indicate that it is important for you not to be tricked by others in the near future.

From a spiritual perspective, pink may also indicate action. It can suggest you’re going to change the reality of your waking world, therefore try to be aware of any gaps in aspects of your knowledge.

If you notice a white dead rabbit and this can be connected to your innocence and purity. After all, White is a color of innocence.

If you notice a brown dead rabbit in the dream this can suggest that you need to think about rounding yourself in life, perhaps you’ve been working too hard recently and it’s finally taken its toll.

The White Rabbit is a spiritual symbolism denotes not only innocence but also a connection with others. If the white rabbit was attacking you in the dream and this can suggest there will be difficult relationships ahead, however in order to progress your life it is important for you to go through the motions.