raft dreams meaning

If the raft, on which you ride, collapsed while you failed between the logs, which are closed over you – a dream foretells you a long and desperate struggle against hardship and destitution.

Knit in a dream a raft to cross over to the other side of it a large body of water means that your chances increase significantly and soon you will advance rapidly through the ranks.

The raft often has important connotations in a dream. Pay attention the condition of the raft as well as the type of water as well as the purpose of floating in order to get a true grasp on the dream’s meaning. To see a raft in your dream indicates that you have not built a firm foundation for yourself.

Usually though before you will get to go to a better place in your life you are still having to face a rocky or tumultuous time. This is a dream telling you not to breathe a sigh of relief, but rather, to hunker down and to be ready for changes coming ahead in your life. Do not allow yourself to be taken off guard by not being prepared for situations.

To dream of a raft, could denote that you will go into new locations to engage in enterprises, which will prove successful.
To dream of floating on a raft, could denote uncertain journeys. If you reach your destination, you will surely come into good fortune.

If you are considering buying a home, for example, now is the time to worry about your credit and making sure that your ducks are in a row. Building a raft is a positive sign for preparing for the future and indicates that you are taking proper steps to ensure success.

If you dream of building a raft then you will realize success through your own hard work and ambition. To dream of being on a raft shows that you will enjoy a large measure of success from your business travels.

To dream of floating on a raft, denotes uncertain journeys. If you reach your destination, you will surely come into good fortune. Depending on if you are floating on a raft for pleasure (such as white water rafting), or for safety (as in a life boat) the purpose of the raft is going to imply a different area of your life.

Regarding safety and security as in a lifeboat, this indicates that in the present, you are going to be taken care of. When you are having fun in your dream, this is indicative of the need for break or a vacation to step away from stress or trials in your life.

If you are traveling by raft with the intention of leaving something behind (an island or a boat) then there is a sense of hesitation but rest assured that the changes you are creating in your life at this time are for the best.